Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 going on 15...

When I look at my daughter I see an adorable little 5 year old girl, who often times has a style all her own. Then she will have a conversation with one of her little friends or cousins (who are also 5-7 years old) and I will think she's not 15 yet! Why is that conversation coming out of her mouth! Last night at the dinner table she was talking to her cousin and they were talking about Justin Bieber. Sounds pretty harmless. Then she started talking about how her friends at school think Justin Bieber is soooo hot! Over and over the Bieb hotness was mentioned. I thought I might lose my appetite. Then she declared that her and her friends have Bieber Fever! I almost lost my dinner. Fork down. Appetite gone. Really?!?! Is this my life that I am living. She is five! Five! And she thinks Justin Bieber is hot. Wasn't this phase supposed to come much later in life like when she was at least 12? Or better yet 15? Or 25? I guess not.

Of course this conversation wasn't done yet, she felt the need to include me in the conversation by asking me if "I" thought Justin Bieber was hot! And if I liked the Bieb when I was her age. I politely explained to her that Justin Bieber was not alive when I was her age and that I am almost old enough to be Justin Bieber's Mom. And no I didn't think Justin Bieber was hot because thoughts like that could get me thrown in jail. Not that I have those thoughts about Justin Bieber anyway. The only thoughts I have on him is what does he know about being in love and heartbreak and why is he singing this to little girls who have no idea what this is all about either. Oh and he should cut his hair! :)

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  1. Hi Mandi, LOOOOONG time, no see! Miss ya! How is the wonderful world of photography lately?? I'm good, drop me a line sometime! Louella