Thursday, March 17, 2011

One Week In..

I am one week into following my promise to not eat out for Lent. For me this is huge. Huge I tell ya. And honestly I have to admit I am not struggling with it nearly as much since I have changed my perspective and my attitude on this. I am also noticing that we are eating healthier too and making better food choices. We are eating more fruits and vegetables than we were. And that is always a good thing. Ava isn't even bothered by the fact we are not eating out at McDonald's which is most 5 year olds food of choice for dinner. She was with my sister the other day and they were going to Texas Roadhouse to deliver Girl Scout cookies and they were going to eat afterwards. But I let my sister know we were giving up eating out in honor of Lent so Ava wasn't supposed to eat there. That was a bit of a difficult decision to make because I felt bad not letting Ava go, but I also know it was standing firm in our commitment to God. My sister thought it was dumb that Ava couldn't eat out, but at least she did respect my decision even if she didn't agree with it. I felt good in knowing I am keeping to my commitment to God.

I don't think for one minute we will not ever eat out again, but I hope that after these 40 days are up, we will be more mindful of the eating out and continue on the path of making better choices and we will enjoy eating out when we do because it will not be the "norm" for us. This past week things have come up or happened (both good and bad) and we would have went out to eat to either celebrate or on the bad days because I didn't feel like cooking. So my wallet is loving this no eating out deal I have going on. Life is good and God is so very great! :) One week in and we are still going strong and standing firm in our commitment to God.

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