Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lake of The Woods

Do you ever see a photo and wonder where was that photo taken? Then you think, hey I would like to go see that for myself. I know I do. I saw a photo on the local news facebook page of a covered bridge someone had taken in Illinois and for as long as I have lived here in Illinois (my entire life of course), I have yet to see a covered bridge up close and personal. So on a gorgeous Friday morning, after Ava headed off to school, I set out to find this bridge. I wanted to see it for myself and not just in a photograph and to actually walk across the bridge. To see this bridge and not just from a photograph. Someone had mentioned in the comments, they thought the photo was from Lake of the Woods, since there was no photo caption, I thought I would take the advice of the person who commented and google map Lake of The Woods. And thankfully they were right.

I don't know why, but I always like taking pictures of little signs/information plaques when they are available at places like this. Perhaps it is because one day they can continue to tell the story of what certain photos are about, when I may no longer be here to tell the story behind the meaning of things. Of course I plan on being around for a long time, but you know...for one day!

Lake of the Woods Covered Bridge. So neat! Can you tell I was quite taken by getting to see this. Who would have thought it was only about 45 minutes or less from where I live. It's the little things in life that make it worth living and just experiencing so many things right around us.

The front of the Lake of the Wood covered bridge. I don't think any of the cars I saw going over this bridge actually went 5 miles an hour. Nowdays, every one seems to always be in a hurry, even in a quite park setting.

I like this photo because it shows how much things have changed over time. A smart car driving over a covered bridge. I don't think those who were driving a covered bridge in the 1800's and early 1900's could have imagined a form of transportation like the Smart car. Times have certainly changed!

I definitely feel like it was worth the trip to go see this covered bridge. Even though it was rebuilt in the 1960's, I fell it is still something worth seeing. After seeing this covered bridge, it makes me want to take a trip in the fall to Indiana and experience the Covered Bridge Festival. They also have a little historical museum I went through (I love this kind of stuff) and hopefully I will get through all those photos and post that in the next few days!

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