Monday, May 2, 2011

Travel back in time a bit...

I love history. Especially early American history. When I went to Lake of the Woods the other day, they also have an early American History Museum called, "Museum of the Grand Prairie". It was free to get in, but they do accept donations. In my opinion, it was well worth leaving a donation to support this museum. I would have loved to have had more time to explore this quaint little museum and to really enjoy all it had to offer, but I was on a time schedule to get back in time for Ava to get home from school. In another year or two, I think Ava would enjoy a visit to this museum, but as of right now she would rather hurry from one display to the other. So maybe in a year or two when she can appreciate it more and I won't be annoyed that I will rush from one exhibit to another. :)

Abe Lincoln and a buggy. Ava would definitely enjoy climbing up and sitting in this buggy or wagon or whatever is the proper way to refer to this.

What the inside of a cabin would possibly look like and the standard items in the home. I don't know that I could live like this day in and day out, but it would be interesting to travel back for a day or two.

The Hearth....This is no 4-6 burner stove that is for sure. Or a microwave where dinner can be served within minutes. Oh modern conveniences how I love thee.

Washing machine/tubs for doing laundry. This would be an all day kind of job for sure. No front loading washing machines in the 1800's. But you would have some strong arms from all that cranking!

Some of the dishes and kitchen items. I really liked the kettle. My Grandma had a similar dinnerware pattern shown on the blue patterned plate. I always loved those dishes when I was a kid. Not my style particularly now, but when I seem a similar pattern it always reminds me of my Grandma's dishes.

A replica of what the inside of a church during that time period might look like. This was one of my favorite parts of the museum. And I loved the stained glass windows too. So pretty. Not to mention the cross front and center of the "church".

Display of a sewing machine and some of the types of clothes worn back then. All the details and what they were able to create with such items is impressive.

Some of the weapons and military uniforms used during that time. As well as a soldiers sleeping quarters.

A wagon and items that those settling in the midwest might have brought along with them.

All in all, a nice way to spend my Friday afternoon. I have more photos but this gives a good idea of how I spent my afternoon. :)