Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ava & Kaylee

Growing up I had two brothers, a sister, and a lot of cousins to play with. Ava has cousins, but no siblings. So, when she gets a chance to hang out with her cousins, she is in heaven. She has a few cousins that really top her list of cousins who are the best to hang with. Kaylee, is right at the top of her list for sure. We don't see my cousins family as often as we would like, since life in general keeps us busy, but this past Sunday, I was in need of a babysitter on Monday. Jenny was quick to offer to keep Ava and let her stay all night. I was touched by the offer and Ava was beyond thrilled.

Jenny sent me a photo of Ava and Kaylee having fun playing in the pile of sand in their backyard. Clearly, Ava is in heaven and quite a sandy little mess. But happy and that is the important thing here...right?!?! lol

Jenny also has two boys. Ava is usually anti-boys when it comes to playing with boys, unless they are related. Lucky for Kameron and Konnor, they are cousins. Thanks Jen for keeping Ava and without me even asking. You are a lifesaver and I am so glad Ava was good for you! :)