Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Apple Orchard...

We spent a day at Curtis Apple Orchard and what a fun day we had. The sun was shining and it was quite warm for a day in October, but that is the thing about Illinois, you never know what the weather will be like from one day to the next. :) Ava had a blast filling up her bag will all sizes of apples. I had to show her the kind of apples we definitely didn't want. Not sure I am down for having some apples with worms in them. Eek. lol

Looking for just the right apple to add to her bag of apples. The first apple I pulled off a tree limb, sent many apples tumbling down and one bounced right off my head. I was like is this even for real! lol Ava got a good laugh out of it though. I, of course quickly looked around to make sure no one else witnessed me getting hit in the head with an apple. Thankfully, there were no other apple pickers in the row we were in! Whew!

Inspecting her apple to make sure it is just right!

Apples were all over the ground of course, but we didn't pick any of those. They made for a nice picture, but definitely not ones that were going home with us in our bag! No sir!

Ava smiling for me since she knows it is just quicker to smile and move on. She has learned well my obsession of photographing her. I just like to refer to my obsession, as her having a well documented life! :)

We even picked out some mums for our front patio. The red one is my absolute favorite of the three. Ava picked out a pink one and then we both agreed on the white one together. I'll have to be sure to take a couple pictures (or more) of these when they are all fully bloomed. I was told all about how I can plant them and they will grow back each year and while that sounds nice and all, I think I'll just leave them in the pots they are in. Because well I'm kind of lazy like that when it comes to flower and planting and weeding and tending to them...and...and...and. :) I love the look of flowers, but I am so not the flower planting kind of person. After we spent a lot of time in the orchard picking out apples and flowers, we wandered around the other parts of the orchard and Ava had a nice time playing on the playground called Munchkin Land. When it was time to say good-bye to the Land of Oz, Ava was worn out. I voved the Wizard of Oz theme they had at this orchard. We definitely will be returning next fall. :)

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