Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hello Kitty...

This week was Drug Awareness week at Ava's school and on one of the days she was supposed to dress up as a Super Hero. Since I have a pretty girly-girl kind of kid, we don't have a closet full of super hero kind of outfits. And after running to Target at almost 8 pm, to see if I can find a costume or even a t-shirt with some kind of girl themed super hero emblem I come up empty handed. I found a t-shirt on the boys side with a super man logo, but Ava refused to wear that since it came to the boy side of the store. So we got creative and decided to create our own hello kitty/cat woman super hero costume. I wasn't about to dress my 6 year old in a latex a.k.a. skin tight cat suit, so we went with a hello kitty t-shirt, and tights, and a black and silver sparkly skirt, tall black boots, and a pair of cat eyes shaped glasses. Our young version of "Catwoman" before she became the sex Goddess super hero fans fantasized about.

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