Saturday, December 24, 2011

Two Cutie Cooks...

Ok well they are really just dipping pretzels into melted white chocolate. My official job, was shaking sprinkles onto them once they were dipped in the chocolate. In other words, I got the boring job, while they had all the fun.

I have a confession to make though, I am not really a fan of baking. Sure it all sounds like it would be a fun time, but baking really just isn't on my list of top 10 favorite things to do. Not sure it even tops the list if we went to oh say 25, or 50 even. But occasionally, I put on my super awesome Mom hat and we do something fun. And though this is not "baking", we did also make snickerdoodles, and from scratch. None of that pull apart the dough and put on a cookie sheet to bake.

I even invited my niece over to join in the festivities, since this more than likely will not happen again, until next year at Christmas. She had a blast and the girls actually got along quite well. Now, keeping the girls from licking their fingers after dipping each pretzel, was quite the task. I had to remind them, other people were going to be eating these, and it wasn't nice to lick your fingers and then dip another pretzel into the chocolate. Nobody wants to eat that kind of food, even if it is pretzels covered in white chocolate. Though I can think of worse things they could do and then handle food, but we won't go there. :)

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