Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Yes, Yes I Did Make That...

When I think of pottery/ceramics, I think of the movie Ghost. I don't know why, but I do. You know that moment with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Any woman born before 1980 should know what scene I am talking about. Though thankfully for me and my bowl, it was already pre-made. I can assure you my bowl would not have come out so nicely, if it were up to me to shape it. It would end up looking like some kind of unidentifiable object and I am pretty sure a bowl would not have topped the list of guesses.

Today was the first time I ventured into this place called The Next of Kiln. My cousin enticed me to go and I do believe I am now a ceramic painting junkie in the making. This is the bowl I chose. I think it is best to start with something simple and not a lot of detail. Come on, how hard could it be to paint a bowl.
I wanted to paint the inside of the bowl a hot pink color, but come to find out they do not carry that color, because it has to be made with 24k gold or something like that, which make it super expensive, so I opted for a different shade of pink. Who would have thought it would take gold to make pink. In this day and age you'd think they would have come up with a way around that. I am sure I looked a bit odd whipping out my camera constantly taking pictures, but hey I have to document this moment of me trying to be creative outside of scrapbooking and card making. Even if I have the painting abilities of a small child. Regardless, I was having fun.

I painted the outside black and added some circle looking green thingy-s on the inside of the bowl, along with Ava's name, hearts and swirls. I must confess I tried to free hand some white polka dots on the inside of the bowl, but they were not as pretty as I envisioned. Instead, imagine white chicken pox all over the bowl. It was truly a disaster. So, I added another coat of pink paint to try and cover them up. It kind of did. Not perfectly, but much better than if I had left those sad little white dots. That is why I used the green paint to make the circle thingy-s. The swirls around the inside of the bowl would have been much cuter. We live. We learn. The outside of the bowl I used the swirly thing and that was super cute. I wrote Ava's name and drew the hearts freehand, and those turned out pretty cute overall. Live and learn people. Live and learn!

The final touch was to add the date and the To/From. Not that Ava would't know it was her bowl since I wrote her name inside the bowl. You can see the purple swirls better in this photo too. Overall, I think it went over well, minus the chicken pox disaster. Kind of took some of the wind out of my puffed up ego. lol I do know that I will definitely be going back and with Ava next time. And I saw some finished pieces in there, and there are some ceramic-ers (probably not a word, but it is today) and wow some serious talent. I could only hope to be that good. Maybe I should invest in my own paintbrushes or something. My visions of creative genius right now far exceeds how it actually turns out, that's for sure. Baby steps I guess. Now I just have to wait a week while they fire up this baby and slap on some glaze, or however that process works. I'll be sure to post a picture once it is completely done. Well, er, maybe you know, if it turns out ok.

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