Thursday, January 5, 2012


So we are definitely loyal and true Fighting Illini fans, but we are also Michigan fans. If they ever play Illinois of course, then we will abandon the Wolverines bandwagon, but if Michigan plays any other team, we cheer them on. Perhaps it has to do with the overwhelming dislike we have of "The" Ohio State. But eh, whatever! So glad to see The Buckeye's lose their bowl game (sorry Big Ten) and to see...

Michigan take down VT and bring home a Sugar Bowl victory! Life is sweet and even sweeter with a Sugar Bowl title! Nice job to Hoke and his 2011 Wolverines. What a great way to end his first season as head football coach.

Thank goodness Michigan gave Rodriguez the ol' boot last season, because I don't think Michigan would have this scrolling across the big screen, if he was still head coach. The dawning of a new era. Looking forward to what Hoke brings to the table next I perhaps smell some roses in the air. If Illinois doesn't get there first of course! ;)

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