Thursday, January 12, 2012


Is there ever a real cut off age wise to stop playing with Lego's? Eh, probably but then what fun would that really be. If you can't have some fun with Lego's then life just might not be worth really living.

Especially if you can play around with a 1980's lego girl. And even more fun, if you make her super cool with her very own lego version of a DSLR camera. In Legoland, I imagine the camera would even be called a DS{Lego}R. Ok, so it is quite possible I have a few issues, but come on have a sense of humor with me, if you will please! She tried capturing some snowflakes, but really it was just little piles of snow.

Ok so this one looks like she is using some kind of snowflake blaster. She is quite the determined lego girl, to get a snowflake picture. Alas, though I had to bring her inside, because I could no longer feel my fingers or toes. Perhaps, if I was made of plastic I'd have been able to stay out for hours on end, but since I am human, I'd like to continue to keep all my fingers and toes, for as long as humanly possible! :)

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