Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Softball Practice...

starts on Saturday for Ava.  She is super excited.  Hopefully she has better luck practicing with her team then she did with her Dad though.

Thankfully she wasn't hurt from her Dad pitching to her.  I still can't believe I caught this on camera.  She didn't even cry. If that was me as a kid,  I'd probably have ran inside crying, but she can be tough when she wants to be.  Pretty sure a helmet with a mask on it will come in handy if she's practicing with her Dad again in the immediate future.  I probably won't win any parent of the year awards because every time I see this photo, I can't help but laugh.  Not to mention that I am actually putting it on my blog as well.  But there was no blood, nothing was broken or anything horrible like that.  Had she been hurt I probably wouldn't be laughing or putting this on my blog but then again, who knows.  It is pretty funny! Especially the expression on her face!  Classic!  And yes she is still super excited still after taking one in the face with the ball. lol

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