Friday, May 25, 2012


a symbol of summer!  :)  

Thursday, May 24, 2012


No idea what kind of flower it is, but Ava picked it for me.  I of course, had to photograph it.  Decided to do a macro shot just because the inside of the flower was so neat.  :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hand drawn "tattoos"

Because that's how we roll.  Anyone who knows Ava, knows she not just likes tattoos, but she loves them.  Granted they are temporary tattoos, but I will not be surprised if one day she has some forever tattoos.  

We were sitting outside and I thought I'd draw some on the tops of her feet.  She is quite ticklish, so she moved around some, so that makes my drawings look a bit messy, but oh well. Most importantly she had fun and she loved them.  Win-Win.  :)

Afterwards she let me take some photos of her.  She was all smiles too since she was showing off her "tattoos".  Man I love this kid.  :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

She Is Ready...

for the pool to open.  We have about a week to go, but she is definitely ready and counting down the days.  If I've heard it once, I've heard it a hundred times about me taking her the day it opens.  :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

How Did I Get This Mom Gig Anyway?!?!

As a Mom there are moments where I sometimes wonder how God really trusted me enough with this Mom gig.  There are times when I sometimes wonder is this my life.  Is this even really for real.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  One of those times when I have to bite my tongue not to spew out sarcasm and to try and be a supportive Mom and not roll my eyes back in my head a hundred times over.  Though I'll admit I did get in a few eye rolls when no one was looking.  

Yesterday was the last day of school.  In my world that is cause for celebration all day long.  I mean I was excited all day long.  I was so excited to see the school year end and summer begin, that I didn't even make Ava ride the bus home.  I pulled into the pick up line at her school and inched my way forward one car at a time and when it was my turn to pick up, I was met with some all out crying little girls.  My first reaction was what in the world?  Why is they crying all crazy like?  Did they get the teacher no one wants for 2nd grade?  Did someone get hurt?  What is this all about?  Why are her friends crying hysterically too?

I look at the teacher outside helping in the pick up line and we both give a look to each other like is this even for real.  Why the hysteria on the last day of school.  We even shake our heads in disbelief.  Even more after we hear why these girls are crying.  So I ask, why are you crying and through their hysteria, they managed to get out that they will miss their teachers.  Really?  All this craziness over missing a teacher that you've note even been away from for 5 minutes.  Granted don't get me wrong Ava had an amazing teacher this year and I've heard good things about the other first grade teachers.  I could gush on and on about how awesome Ava's teacher has been and I will definitely miss her being Ava's teacher, but I know I'll see her again next year at different school functions, and in the hallways when I visit Ava's school.  I can understand missing your teacher and being a bit sad, but I'd think summer would trump any sense of longing at this point.  So, then I am like well who did you get for 2nd grade?  Maybe that is what was creating the sobbing. I was almost afraid to ask.  So she tells me Mr. Gus.  Hello, that is cause for celebration right there!  I literally pumped my fist in the air and belted out a rather boisterous YES!!!  Even clapped my hands together in celebration I was that excited.  That is who I wanted Ava to get for next year and I couldn't have been happier.  Of course, I was sad that Natalie and a few of Ava's other friends didn't get in the same class, but I didn't let that diminish my excitement over who Ava got.  

So here I had a nice surprise planned for Ava and few of her friends after school and they couldn't stop crying.  I know I did a few more eye rolls as I inched my way from the school pick-up line.  I even pulled over to the side and trying to reason with them.  I know as a Mom I should be super sympathetic, and I was trying with all I had to be that sympathetic parent, but in the back of my mind I was thinking how ridiculous this all was. Thinking this really is my life and I have to deal with such crazy girl drama over something this silly and I can't say for crying out loud, stop crying over something so foolish.  Instead I try to offer positive solutions and advice and then I bribe them with ice cream.  Thank god when we got to the park and they saw more of their friends, the crying finally stopped.  But I am pretty sure my eyes almost got stuck in the back of my head from me rolling my eyes many times over.  Seriously one of those how did I get this Mom gig moments for me. My Momma never said there would be days like this!  lol  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Day of School...

and ice cream sundaes at the park.  

A fun way to kick of summer, I'd say.  :)

Excuse the blur of this photo, but I liked their faces...minus the blur.  So I am adding it anyway.

Amazingly there were smiles.  I wasn't so sure that would be the case though leading up to this.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the scoop on that.  :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This week at Ava's school is Teacher Appreciation week.  Personally it should be a month long for all these teachers give, but unfortunately it is just a week.  But that just means as parents we need to really make that one week count.  Though it is nice to do, send, or tell them how much we appreciate them randomly throughout the school year as well.  Ava has been blessed in her 3 years at her school with amazing teachers.  Seriously.  We are blessed.  This year was no different.  

This year has been especially challenging for Ava with things going on with her Nonny.  We were so fortunate to have such a caring and hands on teacher to help Ava on the right path and to stay in contact with me if any changes were seen in Ava or if Ava was struggling in any areas.  Such a caring teacher we have had.  Words will never sum up how appreciative we are.  Ava adores her and I know her teacher will leave a lasting impression on her for life.  

One of my friends whose daughter, also happens to be in the same class with Ava and also a friend of Ava's asked me if I could create a topper for a S'more's gift basket she was putting together this week. So I most certainly took on this project.  I thought it turned out pretty cute overall. It was super simple to put together.  And I included the school colors into the project.  Looking forward to seeing it on the finished gift package.  :)  

Thank you to Ava's teacher for even teaching me that it is not my place to put limits on what I think Ava is capable of learning and what she may not be old enough to understand or learn yet.  You've taught me that Ava is far more capable of learning beyond even my expectations which I thought were quite high.  She is capable of such greatness and had I not had you as Ava's teacher this year, this may have been a lesson I had not learned.  You are truly incredible.  Even as adults we never truly stop learning if we are open to the idea that we do not know everything.

Take a minute to thank the teachers in your child's school.  They work long and hard to teach our kids.  Showing our appreciation is the very least we can do.  :)

Dear Alzheimer's....

You may have her for now, but you do not get her for all eternity. In the end you do not win.  One day she will be happy and whole again.  That is God's promise to us.  Great is our reward when we trust and believe in His everlasting love.  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Practice...

Ava is truly loving softball so far.  I am so glad and quite proud of her as well.  She is doing really well overall too.  :)  Today we had practice and then afterwards pictures.  It was 90 degrees out.  So the kids faces most certainly matched their shirts.  Wonder what kind of summer we are in store for.

Ava catching a ball that her coach rolled her way.  I think he rolled it anyway.   

Ava up to bat.  We are working on her stance.  She needs to remember to hold her elbow up.  So they tell her "chicken wing" which she thinks is pretty funny.  She does actually hit the ball and hasn't had to use the stand yet.  Practice. Practice.  :)

Playing 2nd base.  And even managed to get a smile for the camera too.  

Going after the ball.  She has drive for sure.  :)  Love this girl.  

Super Moon...

or something like that they are calling it.  All I know is it was quite incredible.  Worth stepping outside to take it in, after all it isn't something you see every day or every month even.  

I decided it was worth more than just a look.  I've never tried to really photograph the moon.  Sure I've snapped some photos from the phone or my little point and shoot camera, but it never does the moon true justice. So tonight I decided to give it a try with the DSLR that I've had for like 4 or 5 years.  Night time photography isn't something I do often.  

I set up the tripod even.  Anyone that knows me well, knows I am not a fan of using a tripod, but I am slowing coming around to using it occasionally.  This was one of those occasions a tripod is useful.  These photos do not even do the moon justice for how truly amazing it was.  Though not bad for a first timer taking real photos of the moon.  I will definitely have to venture out again sometime.  And Ava had fun listening to music and dancing while I was busy taking pictures nearby. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why Oh Why???

Crayons. Pencils. Markers. Chalk. Pens. + Big White Wall + Children = Disaster 
Or Masterpiece...however you prefer to look at it.  
I think disaster.

It tries my sanity.  Really it does.  I've never looked at a wall that Ava has written or drawn on and my first reaction being aww how cute.  Oh she just might be the next Picasso. Never.  No matter how little she was. Amazingly I didn't take a photo of it, but today I was cleaning Ava's room with her and I see this stamp of a princess shoe, stamped in pink on her wall. Multiple times. On the side of her bed. Hidden out of view. Then I see a stick figure drawing possibly in pencil. My first reaction. Why? Why does she do this. When did it happen.  Wait. Really it didn't matter when it happened. I was just irritated by the fact that it happened. Again. Especially after the marker incident with Ava's sheet a couple weeks ago. Granted that wasn't Ava's fault, but seriously I am pretty sure I lost any sanity I had left. 

Calmly I asked Ava who did that to her wall and she told me she did the stamping.  Great. And one of my niece's drew the stick figure.  Great. So then I calmly ask for all her pencils, markers, crayons, etc. in her room.   It isn't like this is the first time or the 10th time we've had this no marking on walls discussion. Ava knows well by now that we write on paper. Not on walls. At this point I want to ban her from ever using a writing utensil again.  Clearly  not possible  since she has to go to school and do homework and things like that, but writing on walls is a pet peeve of mine if you couldn't already tell.  So, of course, Ava is crying because she knows she isn't supposed to write or draw on the walls.  I am ready to cry or pull out my hair because I am so frustrated telling her yet again WE DO NOT WRITE ON WALLS.  WE WRITE ON PAPER.  So I tell her she cannot use pretty pencils anymore.  And I seriously break like 12 cute pencils she has.  Yep. Right in half.  I then bag up all her crayons she has...because she seriously has like 350 crayons you know everyone needs 10 red crayons, and 13 blue crayons. Right. 

Then in my Mommy fit of frustration...amazingly I wasn't yelling or raging.  I remained calm but you Mom's know that crazy kind of calm. I asked Ava to write on her wall in front of me.  I mean if she can do it in private when I am not in her room then go ahead and mark on her wall while I am there.  She of course is smart and wasn't going to do it.  So I am pretty sure I am crazy at this point and I am like why not?  How would you like it if I wrote on your wall. Would you like that?  Of course, she says no. So I am like but you think it is ok to do it if I am not around.  So I take a crayon and write her name on her wall and I am like do you think that is ok.  She says no.  So I am like it isn't very nice of me to write on your stuff and to tear your things up is it?  I just want her to realize this is not ok for the millionth time.  So then I am like maybe I will tell your Dad you did this.  So her being quite intelligent she said to me "but it isn't even in my hand writing."  Seriously I wanted to laugh because that was quite the clever comeback. lol  She is so my kid.  Well minus the writing on the wall know when I am not trying to prove a point of course.

I wouldn't have done that if I didn't have a magic eraser on hand of course.  But today I do hope I got my point across that it isn't ok to write on walls or to let others write on her walls and tear her things up.  And yes I did throw out her crayons.  I am sure there are 125 different projects I could have made out of them and posted on pinterest, but today I just don't want to see another crayon in her room.  As for the pencils we still have about 50 plain yellow #2 pencils and some cute ones too, but they are put up for now as well.  We did talk about being responsible and taking care of our things and not destroying things in our house.  So I am not truly crazy all the time, but man sometimes being a Mom can pose a challenge that just makes you want to throw a temper tantrum yourself.  

And yes, it is already magic erased off the wall.  Like 2 minutes after it happened.  I could never be a graffiti artist...even if I could draw really well.