Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This week at Ava's school is Teacher Appreciation week.  Personally it should be a month long for all these teachers give, but unfortunately it is just a week.  But that just means as parents we need to really make that one week count.  Though it is nice to do, send, or tell them how much we appreciate them randomly throughout the school year as well.  Ava has been blessed in her 3 years at her school with amazing teachers.  Seriously.  We are blessed.  This year was no different.  

This year has been especially challenging for Ava with things going on with her Nonny.  We were so fortunate to have such a caring and hands on teacher to help Ava on the right path and to stay in contact with me if any changes were seen in Ava or if Ava was struggling in any areas.  Such a caring teacher we have had.  Words will never sum up how appreciative we are.  Ava adores her and I know her teacher will leave a lasting impression on her for life.  

One of my friends whose daughter, also happens to be in the same class with Ava and also a friend of Ava's asked me if I could create a topper for a S'more's gift basket she was putting together this week. So I most certainly took on this project.  I thought it turned out pretty cute overall. It was super simple to put together.  And I included the school colors into the project.  Looking forward to seeing it on the finished gift package.  :)  

Thank you to Ava's teacher for even teaching me that it is not my place to put limits on what I think Ava is capable of learning and what she may not be old enough to understand or learn yet.  You've taught me that Ava is far more capable of learning beyond even my expectations which I thought were quite high.  She is capable of such greatness and had I not had you as Ava's teacher this year, this may have been a lesson I had not learned.  You are truly incredible.  Even as adults we never truly stop learning if we are open to the idea that we do not know everything.

Take a minute to thank the teachers in your child's school.  They work long and hard to teach our kids.  Showing our appreciation is the very least we can do.  :)

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