Friday, May 18, 2012

How Did I Get This Mom Gig Anyway?!?!

As a Mom there are moments where I sometimes wonder how God really trusted me enough with this Mom gig.  There are times when I sometimes wonder is this my life.  Is this even really for real.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  One of those times when I have to bite my tongue not to spew out sarcasm and to try and be a supportive Mom and not roll my eyes back in my head a hundred times over.  Though I'll admit I did get in a few eye rolls when no one was looking.  

Yesterday was the last day of school.  In my world that is cause for celebration all day long.  I mean I was excited all day long.  I was so excited to see the school year end and summer begin, that I didn't even make Ava ride the bus home.  I pulled into the pick up line at her school and inched my way forward one car at a time and when it was my turn to pick up, I was met with some all out crying little girls.  My first reaction was what in the world?  Why is they crying all crazy like?  Did they get the teacher no one wants for 2nd grade?  Did someone get hurt?  What is this all about?  Why are her friends crying hysterically too?

I look at the teacher outside helping in the pick up line and we both give a look to each other like is this even for real.  Why the hysteria on the last day of school.  We even shake our heads in disbelief.  Even more after we hear why these girls are crying.  So I ask, why are you crying and through their hysteria, they managed to get out that they will miss their teachers.  Really?  All this craziness over missing a teacher that you've note even been away from for 5 minutes.  Granted don't get me wrong Ava had an amazing teacher this year and I've heard good things about the other first grade teachers.  I could gush on and on about how awesome Ava's teacher has been and I will definitely miss her being Ava's teacher, but I know I'll see her again next year at different school functions, and in the hallways when I visit Ava's school.  I can understand missing your teacher and being a bit sad, but I'd think summer would trump any sense of longing at this point.  So, then I am like well who did you get for 2nd grade?  Maybe that is what was creating the sobbing. I was almost afraid to ask.  So she tells me Mr. Gus.  Hello, that is cause for celebration right there!  I literally pumped my fist in the air and belted out a rather boisterous YES!!!  Even clapped my hands together in celebration I was that excited.  That is who I wanted Ava to get for next year and I couldn't have been happier.  Of course, I was sad that Natalie and a few of Ava's other friends didn't get in the same class, but I didn't let that diminish my excitement over who Ava got.  

So here I had a nice surprise planned for Ava and few of her friends after school and they couldn't stop crying.  I know I did a few more eye rolls as I inched my way from the school pick-up line.  I even pulled over to the side and trying to reason with them.  I know as a Mom I should be super sympathetic, and I was trying with all I had to be that sympathetic parent, but in the back of my mind I was thinking how ridiculous this all was. Thinking this really is my life and I have to deal with such crazy girl drama over something this silly and I can't say for crying out loud, stop crying over something so foolish.  Instead I try to offer positive solutions and advice and then I bribe them with ice cream.  Thank god when we got to the park and they saw more of their friends, the crying finally stopped.  But I am pretty sure my eyes almost got stuck in the back of my head from me rolling my eyes many times over.  Seriously one of those how did I get this Mom gig moments for me. My Momma never said there would be days like this!  lol  

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