Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Practice...

Ava is truly loving softball so far.  I am so glad and quite proud of her as well.  She is doing really well overall too.  :)  Today we had practice and then afterwards pictures.  It was 90 degrees out.  So the kids faces most certainly matched their shirts.  Wonder what kind of summer we are in store for.

Ava catching a ball that her coach rolled her way.  I think he rolled it anyway.   

Ava up to bat.  We are working on her stance.  She needs to remember to hold her elbow up.  So they tell her "chicken wing" which she thinks is pretty funny.  She does actually hit the ball and hasn't had to use the stand yet.  Practice. Practice.  :)

Playing 2nd base.  And even managed to get a smile for the camera too.  

Going after the ball.  She has drive for sure.  :)  Love this girl.  

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