Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ava's List of Summer Fun Ideas...

So I said yesterday I would get around to writing out Ava's list of summer fun ideas.  We have 85 of them.  I thought we would be hard pressed to come up with 50, but I honestly think we could go beyond even 85 and who knows, we just might.  

Ok so here goes:
  1. Go to the pool.
  2. Have a picnic at the park.
  3. Have a water balloon fight.
  4. Ice cream from Krekel's.
  5. Eat Popsicle's. (Done many times already) 
  6. Watch Glee and eat popcorn.
  7. Buy rocks and paint them.
  8. Have a tea party.
  9. Stay up late.  (Bedtime in the way!)
  10. Draw pictures.
  11. Go swimming late at night.
  12. Read books. Fun books. (She's quite specific...they must be FUN books).
  13. Finger paint.
  14. Go to the Children's Museum.
  15. Have sleepover.
  16. Frosty and fries from Wendy's.  
  17. Go to the zoo.
  18. Play house.
  19. Play Barbies and school.
  20. Make cupcakes and cookies.
  21. Make ice cream sundaes. 
  22. Go see fireworks.
  23. Light sparklers.
  24. Go to the Macon County Fair.
  25. Go to Chuck E. Cheese.
  26. Make S'mores.
  27. Make forts and camp inside.
  28. Have a fashion show.
  29. Draw with sidewalk chalk.
  30. Make silly faces.
  31. Make puppets.
  32. Put on a puppet show.
  33. Play Just Dance 3.
  34. Play outside. (Done multiple times already)
  35. Blow bubbles.
  36. Celebrate our birthday's.
  37. Photo shoot for Mommy.
  38. Go to Panera Bread. 
  39. Go back to school shopping.
  40. Sleep in.
  41. Make bookmarks.
  42. Play board games.
  43. Make chocolate covered pretzels.
  44. Play with Legos.
  45. Make play-doh.
  46. Go to the mall and play.
  47. Play at Rock Springs.
  48. Have Alyssa sleepover.
  49. Go to the movies with Mommy.
  50. Go to the library.
  51. Go to the beach.
  52. Catch lightening bugs.
  53. Paint body (arms, legs, face, feet)
  54. Water gun fight.
  55. Go to Dairy Queen for ice cream.
  56. Go to a drive-in movie.
  57. Play in the rain.
  58. Go to the shaved ice hut.
  59. Have a tattoo stand.
  60. Breakfast with Mommy.
  61. Make up a silly dance.
  62. Rent movies from the Redbox.
  63. Make sand castles.
  64. Run through a field of wild flowers.
  65. Make hair bows with Mommy.
  66. Make bead bracelets with Alyssa.
  67. Run on an obstacle course.
  68. Draw a hopscotch and play.
  69. Play tic-tac-toe with chalk outside.
  70. Eat a funnel cake from the fair. Yum!
  71. Play in a sprinker.
  72. Decorate a pair of flip flops.
  73. Go to Build-A-Bear.
  74. Fly a kite.
  75. Watch the sunset.
  76. Lay under a sky of stars telling stories.
  77. Go on a nature walk.
  78. Go bowling.
  79. Have a shaving cream battle.
  80. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  81. Miniature golf.
  82. Play "spongeball".
  83. Go to a water park.
  84. Have a lemonade stand.
  85. "Paint" back sliding glass door.
As you can see from the list she clearly loves any kind of ice cream and has several ice cream trips on her list.  lol  :)  Her list definitely makes for a not so bummer summer around here.  I should never hear the words Mom I'm bored with a list like this.  :)  Now to see how many of these we can actually get done this summer!  lol

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