Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not So Bummer Summer 2012 Journal

I finally...finally...finally got around to taking pictures of Ava's  journal.  This summer I thought it would be fun for Ava to keep a journal for the first time.  Also, it makes a fun way to keep her writing and to practice on her handwriting as well.  Ava is a fan of Judy Moody Not Bummer Summer, so we kind of went with the "Not So Bummer Summer 2012". 

At first I thought a notebook would be ok,  but then decided putting it in a binder would be a better idea.  So Ava and I went to Staples and she picked out a lime green clear view binder.  We made copies of her journal pages (see below) and added them to the binder as well.  We created the cover on the computer at home and printed it out.  I could have pulled out the cricut and created something, but Ava wanted this.  So that's what we went with.  

We made a list of summer ideas of fun things to do this summer.  Initially we had a list of 50 things, but the list grew, so this isn't the most recent version.  We have a list of 85 things to do hopefully do this summer.  I'll write the list of her summer ideas in another post.  :)  

Ava is taking part in her summer reading program at the library, so we are keeping a list of books she reads over the summer.  The reading level she was assigned too, was way too easy for her and she was reading all her books in a day or two and so I had her moved up to a higher level.  

This is one of her journal pages.  With this one she can draw a photo and then write about it below.  We are working on the handwriting this summer and I am trying to get her to slow down a little and take her time with her writing.  Oh the energy of a soon to be second grader.  :)  I am glad though it is legible.  

Here is the other journal page.  No drawing. Just writing.  It asks what she did that day and then what was her favorite part about that day.

I also have blank paper in the journal for her to draw pictures of things she does over the summer.  She is a kid after all and I love seeing the drawings she creates to tell a story.  I also have a page that still needs printed for movies we watch over the summer, be it at home or at the movie theater.  I am not a huge TV person, but catching a movie with her at the theater or at night as a way to unwind after a busy day sounds perfect to me.  

There will also be photos included in the journal as well.  What would a journal like this be without photos?!?!  :)  I am looking forward to seeing how things unfold with this journal over the summer.  Should be lots of fun.  I know she has some great ideas on her list of summer fun.  

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