Sunday, July 1, 2012

Arthur Fireworks

 Once again we made our way over to Arthur again this year for their fireworks display.  And like every year we've gone before, we did not walk away disappointed.  For a small town, they put on quite a show.  Ava loves going to see the fireworks and what could make a Mom happier than to see her child full of smiles and in awe of something so spectacular.  

This year was bittersweet for me.  For the last 5 years I've gone to Arthur to see the fireworks and my Mom and Step-Dad have always gone. This year I invited my Step-Dad along, but sadly my Mom was not able to be there this year with us.  Last year I didn't think that would be our last year watching fireworks together.  Inside something just felt out of place and I missed having her with me.  The holidays make the longing to have her with us a bit deeper.

I did call and invite my brother and his family to the fireworks with us.  I knew Ava would love having her cousins there with her.  It definitely made the event a lot less empty feeling.  :)  

Such an amazing display to watch.  The regular show of fireworks they put on is like the whole show, including the grand finale in Decatur.  I've only been to the Decatur fireworks twice since Ava's been born and honestly I do not feel I am missing out by not going to see them in Decatur.  

The kids oooh'd and aaaaah'd over these.  I love the ones that rain down...Ava does too.  She thinks they look like the weeping willow tree.  I can see how she would think that.  :)

 Ava and Jordan took some pictures on my little point and shoot camera.  None of those turned out that great, but they had fun, and at the end of the day, that is what matters most anyway. 

There was a weird guy parked next to us, who would take pictures of me and Jordan on his camera phone. He did this a few times.  It was creepy.  We thought the guy was possible crazy and every time he did this Jordan and I would look at each other and roll our eyes.  He wasn't even subtle about it either, used the flash on his phone and everything with his camera phone pointed directly at us.  Strange.

On our way down it started to do some lightning and about 10 minutes before the fireworks started it started to really rain.  Our butts were soaked.  Then it let up to a little more than a drizzle, but not really too bad.  Finally it stopped raining near the end.  It stormed last year.  What are the chances of that happening 2 years in a row.  

Mother Nature had her own little fireworks to show us! What a show off she is!  :)

Happy 4th of July America and to all our men and women who have served, are serving and will serve in the future.  America would not have something to celebrate each year if if wasn't for your dedication and service to this amazing country that we take for granted day in and day out.  

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