Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's School Picture Day...

It's that time of the year for school pictures.  Last night after several outfit changes, we both decided on an outfit.  She wanted a dress to wear for the big day and how could I refuse her request.

This morning she was full of poses.  I told her it isn't like her Spring school photos.  These are the straight on, look at the camera, and smile photos.  She was a bit disappointed.

I don't know why she'd be disappointed, it isn't like she is used to posing for pictures for me!?!?!  lol  Yeah right.

She was excited because I let her wear a hint of lip gloss.  More like tinted chapstick, but she was happy.  :)

School picture day always makes me nervous because I stress about how her hair is going to look, will it stay in place or be all crazy.  Will the photographer fix it so she looks nice.  I hope she isn't in mid-blink like she was in her kindergarten picture and she looks out of it.  I hope her smile isn't a frozen fake smile.  And then I thought this will probably be her last school picture with all her baby teeth still.  Yes, she is 7 and yes she still has all her baby teeth.  In my 2nd grade picture, I still had all my baby teeth too.  Kind of makes me sad to think next year we won't have this same smile in pictures. 

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  1. You gotta love school picture time! Ava's will turn out so beautiful! My first or second grade photo has me smiling this big toothless photo and I have to say, my mom always said it was her favorite school photo of mine. I can't wait to see Ava sporting that toothless grin!