Friday, August 24, 2012


This is what happens when you don't have your iPhone in a case and you drop it on the concrete.  I usually have it in it's case. I've dropped it several times before on the ground (but it was in it's case).  Today not nearly as lucky.

Glad I am up for a renewal.  I am waiting to see what the iPhone 5 comes out at and how much different it will be from the iPhone 4s.  

I've definitely gotten my $$$ worth out of this iPhone.  Will be glad to upgrade and have a better camera to work with.  For now though I am going to get this screen fixed from a friend's husband and make due for the next month.  Hurry up Apple and announce the latest phone and features so I can either just go on and get the iPhone 4s or else wait it out for the 5.  :)

Amazingly though the phone and everything still works. 

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  1. Oh no!! Glad you are able to have your friend's husband fix it! They keep saying that the iPhone 5 is going to come out soon. I bet you can't wait for it!