Saturday, September 1, 2012

Are You Ready?!?!

For some college football!!!!!  I know I am.  And I've been ready for over 8 months to watch the Fighting Illini take the field again in Champaign. 

New Coach. New Season. Coming off back to back bowl wins!  Looking forward to what is in store for the Illini this season.


  1. My Spartans are 2-0!! And the Lions had a comeback win against the Rams yesterday!! I love football season and everything that comes with it!

    1. lol Kris...I saw that about the Spartans. Illinois got their butt handed to them on Saturday. I didn't even stay up to watch the entire game. I saw the Lions won, but it was on at the same time as the Bears game, so my Bears won out. Andrew Luck was down on his luck Sunday. lol Though the way the Bears started off I thought it was going to be a really bad game. Thankfully they got it together real quick and we ended up with the win. I love football season too. Hands down my favorite sport. :)