Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Birthday...

Ava's Birthday was a few weeks ago and I'm finally getting around to posting a blog about her special day. I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact I now have a 7 year old.  The years have been amazing with her, but passing all too quickly.  She is my world for sure.  Happy Birthday to the best gift I have ever received in my life.

We kicked off the morning opening presents from me.  Clothes (of course), a new CD, and other things, but the best gift of all....her Lego Friends Olivia house.  She has been wanting this forever.  I know I've definitely gotten my $70 worth out of this already.  She plays with it every day.  Usually a bit before school, and most definitely after school she comes home and plays with it.  She loves it. :)

At her party we were under water restrictions this year because of lack of rain.  So any water games we had planned were a washout.  And we had mostly water games planned.  Bleh. But just a few changes.  We took some baskets and decided to do a girly themed version of "The Grand Prize Game" for any one who was ever a fan of the Bozo Show growing up.

The kids loved it.  They kept getting back in line over and over and over and over again.  Glow stick bracelets and cool pencils were the prizes to be won.

The kids had a blast playing this game.  And my cousins daughter Kaylee was such a huge help with the games and activities.

Ava received lots and lots of presents from family and friends.  Even had some gift bags on the ground because they wouldn't all fit on the table.  What a blessed little girl with such giving and amazing friends and family.  Even though really the best gift of all is spending time with family and friends. 

And does she ever love hanging out with her friends.  The swing set of all things was such a hit with the kids.  I am surprised this thing didn't collapse with all the kids playing on it. They were quite happy just playing on the swing set, giggling and talking.

Per Ava's request she wanted a tattoo stand for her birthday.  So I hit the party store and we loaded up on tattoos.  Ava was thrilled.  She loves tattoos and her friends loved them too. 

Her friends in line waiting to get their tattoos.  They were thrilled to pick where they wanted them.  Arms, legs, hands, and feet. 

Then it was time to bring out the lips and mustaches on a stick!  Oh my the kids love these.  The were a huge hit with all the kids.

Oh my what big lips you have Ava!  :)

Kissy. Kissy. Kissy. All around.

And a baby girl with a mustache. Why yes it's true.  She didn't seem to mind one bit.  :)

Time to dawn the crown and turn our attention to the birthday girl.  She gets embarrassed every single year when it's time to sing to her...but secretly I know she loves the attention too.  :)

These awesome cupcakes were made by my Aunt.  I found the idea on Pinterest and she definitely pulled it off.  The insides are tie-dyed too.  Seriously they were so cool.  Another huge hit for the party.

Then it was time for a little cupcake in the face for Ava.  She mentioned awhile back how she wished she could have a cupcake smashed on her face like when she was a baby and she smashed her face in her cake for her first birthday...her own doing.  Well we changed things up a bit this year and let two of her best friends do the honors.  :)

The kids thought this was so cool and really funny.  :)  Pretty sure I became a pretty cool Mom for letting this happen.  lol

Ava absolutely loved it!  Yeah I know, I rock as a Mom.  At least for today anyway.  :)

Yummy!  It looks like it was shoved up her nose, but she assured me it didn't get in her nose.  Well I'd say it looks pretty close!  :)

The Birthday Girl in all her smashed in the face with a cupcake glory.  It was in her eyebrows and eyelashes too.  Boy they got her good.  :)

Ava on her new bike she got from her Aunt.  What a blessed little girl she is.  She couldn't wait to get on that bike and take off.  Definitely a big hit with her.  :)

Time to open the rest of her presents!  Love how the kids are just gathered around and waiting on her to open them.  She has such good friends.  :)

What a dream light!  The kids loved this and even started singing the commercial.  Too cute. 

And more presents.  She got a Justin Bieber poster from my sister.  Oh my!  She was in heaven.  And here is to me thinking I could get through a while longer before I'd have to put posters on her wall.  No such luck.  Thanks Sis.  lol

Several of the kids that were at the party posing with their lips and mustaches.  All in all an awesome party.  They got to leave with tattoos, their lips and mustaches on a stick, and a bag full of candy since the theme was sweet treats.  And we had tons of candy in bowls.  Though I made sure they went home with the candy as a parting gift.  I think they were plenty sugared up from the juice and cupcakes.  :)  For being in a drought and not being able to play the water games and activities we had planned, we still had a ton of fun and I'd say this party was a huge success. 


  1. Ava's birthday party looks like it was a blast! I love how happy you can tell she is with her lego gift!!

    1. Oh it was! The kids had a great time. Even with having to improvise last minute with some things. She plays with those Legos every single day. :)