Thursday, September 6, 2012

I hear a train a comin'...

I am not a train enthusiast by any means, but this morning I went out with a friend to catch sight (and a couple photos) of this steam engine that was leaving Decatur and heading south to St. Louis. 


I'm not going to lie, while waiting on this train I kind of thought this is pretty lame.  I really don't have an interest in trains. I've road the Amtrak to and from Chicago on occasion, but to go out and wait around on a train to pass by, not really my ideal way of spending a morning.  And wait and wait we did.  Finally it made it's brief appearance where we were.


And this is where I have to admit it was actually pretty interesting and kind of cool to see this train barrel ling through. What made this steam engine even more impressive is that a train a little bit before that had passed through going in the other direction and it was quite plain and not nearly as impressive as this beast!  The whistle on this steam engine above was even more cool and extremely loud too.  This steam engine (765) was built in 1944 and almost 70 years later it is still going strong.  That's 11 years before my Mom was born.  Talk about craftsmanship that was truly built to last.  The details on this engine were amazing too.  This engine swept by and within a minute or so it was gone. 

It even had passenger cars attached for the ride down to St. Louis.  This Steam Engine is supposed to be making its way back up through on Monday and who knows maybe I'll get the chance to photograph it again.  I'd love to see it stopped to photograph it as well, as the additional cars it is pulling along.  I think what impressed me the most aside from the details of it, is that it's almost 70 years old and it still runs seamlessly.  For as advanced as our technology has become, I don't think it can ever truly compare to the hard work of a human being.  Sure computers and machines can build things faster, but if you want something to really last, clearly it takes a human to build something piece by piece to really last.  Oh, but thanks to technology we are able to track where this train was at by GPS.  So that was pretty cool. 


  1. The wait was worth it! These are awesome shots!

  2. Thanks Kris. :) I didn't end up seeing it make it's way back up, but it was fun catching it last week on it's way to St. Louis.