Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

I am finally getting around to posting some photos from our recent visit to the Pumpkin Patch that is about 15-20 minutes from our house.  :)  We met up with Ava's Best Friend's Mom, brother and sister. A perfect place to let the kids run around and expend some of the energy they seem to have a countless supply of.  I think I need to find that well they draw from repeatedly.  lol

Natalie and Ava standing outside one of the mazes with Snow White and a few of her pals.  They have these up every year.  

 Nolan and Ava climbing on these huge round hay bales and sliding down the slide.  They are not usually covered with tarps.  Not sure if this is just because it was opening weekend our they are trying something new.  The kids played on this for a little bit, but quickly lost interest in it.  

 Ava on top of one of the huge bales of hay...and I had to snap a quick photo of her.  The weather was perfect for a visit to the pumpkin patch.  :)

 Ava and Natalie posing on some of the bigger pumpkins.  Natalie was all smiles...Ava's were more forced as she would rather be running around and playing.  lol 

 Some of the gourds and things they had.  This is one reminder to me that fall is now here.  So colorful and some are kind of creepy and odd I have to say.   lol

 Ava and Natalie playing in the little tables filled with corn and some toys.  The kids all loved this part of the visit.  I think this is the spot they played at the most.  

Neeley, Ava, and Natalie digging in the corn. They were too busy playing to let me get a photo of them.  :) In between playing in the corn, they (Neeley and Nolan really) would go into the little "haunted house" they have.  I didn't get photos of that though, because Ava wasn't going near that part of the pumpkin patch.  Natalie went in for all of 10 seconds and she was out and didn't go back in.  lol  They were the two oldest and yet the most afraid.  It really isn't scary, but I guess to them it is. 

After digging in the corn and a good hand-washing, the kids all got to enjoy some pumpkin vanilla twist ice cream.  This was the first time Ava had pumpkin ice cream.  I tried a bit of hers and it was yummy.  We both thought so.  Ava of course wasn't willing to share more than that one taste.  That ok, it saves me some calories.  lol

And of course no visit to this particular pumpkin patch would be final without sitting in the scaled down version of a covered wagon.  :)  All the kids love this part of the patch.  Getting a group shot of them though was pretty impossible.  Looking forward to going to an Apple Orchard in two weeks and hopefully we will make it to the other Pumpkin Patch that is about an hour from us this fall. 


  1. It looks like this was great fun for everyone! Love the photos, and thanks for sharing them! I really miss visiting the apple orchard in the fall. No apples here in Florida. Enjoy!!

  2. What a perfect fall afternoon you all had! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! We are hoping to go to the cider mill when we get home from Florida:-) Have a great day, Mandi!

  3. As fall is my favorite time of year, I loved seeing your pictures and just felt how much fun it was. Thanks for sharing.