Thursday, September 20, 2012

Scarecrow School Project...

Fall is in the air and that means school projects that revolve around fall/Halloween themed art projects.  My sister asked me if I would help my niece Olivia with her latest project of making a scarecrow.  The school sent home some very basic instructions and two paper plates, a brown and yellow piece of construction paper, and a paint stick.  We were told we could also make it using other items like felt, ribbon, straw, etc. if we wanted.  Last year, my sister did this same project with Olivia and she said her (my sister) scarecrow looked more like a scary clown.  She wouldn't let any of us even see it, it was that bad.  lol  So I told her I'd see what we could come up with based on some things I had on hand.

We used some colored card stock in shades of goldenrod and orange for the hair, per Olivia's request.  I did talk her down from using pink hair.  After all it's a scarecrow and not Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry.  So we cut them into strips randomly attached them to the sides.  We made the nose and made it pop out from the paper plate.  We added some orange and light pink colored buttons for the mouth.  We had to have pink in here somewhere.  2 large buttons for the eyes and 2 smaller dark buttons for the center of each eye.  We made the hat in purple and burgundy with some fake leaves attached to the hat along with a really large flower. A small orange ribbon at the base of the paper plate.  And since our scarecrow is a girl, we added a little bit of "blush" to the cheeks using some chalk to make her a bit more girly. 

My niece Olivia with her scarecrow.  Which after much consideration and renaming her probably 12 times we finally settled on the name "Barbie Cutie".  lol  I'd say Liv is quite happy with her scarecrow this year and it doesn't look too much like a scary clown this time around.  :) 


  1. What a cute and totally creative project! Olivia is adorable, and so is Barbie Cutie. Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. You are very talented, and I am jealous! lol No, but a very good scarecrow, as well as Miss Olivia!

  3. What a great fall craft! Love the name Olivia came up with, she is such a sweetie!

    1. Thanks Kris! :) Olivia loves Barbies and so I was like how about Barbie and Olivia was like how about Barbie Cutie. lol So Barbie Cutie it is! :)