Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Movie Review - October Baby

Do you ever watch a movie and you are torn about what you think of it?  You don't want to say it was a bad movie, because it wasn't at all, and you liked the message behind the movie, but you felt like it was lacking something still.  But what was it missing for you exactly?  Yet ,if someone asked you about the movie you feel like you would recommend watching it to them.  That is how I feel about this movie.  The movie is about a young woman who gets sick and finds out she was adopted along with other circumstances surrounding her adoption.  It kind of goes through her emotions through the process of finding her birth mother.  I think this could have been more in depth maybe.  However, there were scenes in this movie that definitely brought me to tears.  The message is one about forgiveness and it is a Christian based movie.  I do recommend watching it if you are looking for something that is Christian based or if stories of adoption appeal to you. 

On a personal level stories of adoption do appeal to me.  Though I was raised by my birth Mom, my Mom left my biological Dad when she was 3 months pregnant with me and they divorced when I was a few months old.  He saw me a few times when I was a baby, but obviously none that I remember.  The first time I ever remember meeting my "Dad" face to face I was 9 1/2 years old.  He signed away rights to my sister and me when we were 3 and 4 years old.  He didn't stick around to get to know us or to watch us grow up. I was always intensely curious about him.  He had two children from a previous marriage (who are about 15 years older than my sister and me).  He didn't have contact with them either.  Someday I will have to blog about that maybe.  Anyway, so stories of adoption have always interested me.  So yes, I do recommend this movie, but don't be surprised if you find yourself walking away from it thinking about this movie and not sure exactly what you think of it.  Check out the trailer above though.  For a rental at the Redbox though I'd say it is worth checking out.  If you do watch it, let me know what your thoughts are on it. 

Happy Halloween...

from one Chicago Bears fan to another.  And if you're not a Bears fan, well Happy Halloween to you too.  ;)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's On The Menu?

Oh what a week last week was.  The start of this week is quite busy, as well.  Which explains why this post is showing up on a Tuesday instead of Monday.  lol  Yesterday, I had my niece until she had school in the afternoon. Then, a photo shoot in the late afternoon. Today, I have to work on editing some of these photo sessions and figuring out what games to play for Ava's class Halloween party on Wednesday.  We may even go trick or treating tonight as well.  Wednesday is Ava's class party and school Halloween parade.  Another night of going trick or treating but doing a trunk or treat event and going to my sisters to pass out some candy.  Oh how I look forward to Thursday and Friday (right now anyway) no Halloween parties, parades or trick or treating.  Two days to work on editing photos and making a huge dent in that and finishing up some if not most of my sessions from this past week.  Friday evening Ava will be going with her Girl Scout troop to the U of I and sleeping over and then going to a volleyball game.  She is super excited about that.  Saturday we don't have anything planned as of right now.  I have some tea party invitations I have to make for my sister's friends daughter and will finish up editing any of the photos from the sessions I've done.  Things of course could change, but that is how our week is looking for now.  So, that brings me to my weekly menu.  :)

Monday - Spaghetti, garlic bread, & salad
Tuesday - Marinated chicken (crock pot), baked potatoes, and vegetable
Wednesday - Cheeseburgers, tater tots, and vegetable or grab something to eat out
Thursday - Pork chops, mac & cheese, and vegetable
Friday - Pizza & salad
Saturday - Chicken noodles, mashed potatoes, and vegetable
Sunday - Fend for yourself day! :)

So what's on your menu this week?   Have a wonderful and blessed week.  :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photo Session Sneak Peek...

This week I am going to end up having 5 photos sessions if the weather co-operates. This is just a couple from the family I did on Monday. It was a Mom, Dad, their daughters, and their 3 grandchildren.  As soon as I saw the little girl, I knew I was instantly in love with this little girl.  
 Isn't she just too cute?!?!  How could anyone ever say no to this little face. 

And her smile in this one, had everyone laughing.  And her brother was quite the cutie too. 

Sisters. Mother's. Cousins. 

The family!

Monday, October 22, 2012

What's On The Menu?

Oh how the weekends pass by so quickly.  This weekend was a good one too.  We had a low key Saturday.  Filled with watching some football, playing Just Dance 4 on the Wii, watching Madagascar 3 like 5 times since Friday when we rented it, and enjoying our down time.  Sunday we played more Just Dance 4, watched some football, even had time for a quick 45 minute nap, I had a photo session to do in the late afternoon, then ended the day surrounded by family at my sisters where we had a bonfire (I'll post about that later).  Now today starts a new week off for us.  I have two photo sessions this afternoon/evening.  Hoping the rain holds off until after 6 p.m. Tuesday we are having dinner over at my aunts house.  I'll be editing quite a few photos on Wednesday.  Thursday Ava has Girl Scouts. Friday is my Dad's birthday and Saturday I have another photo session.  Rain is in the forecast for Saturday, but hopefully it clears out or else it stops for my session.  lol  Kind of a busy week, but not too overwhelming.  Oh I do have to plan out the games this week too for Ava's Halloween Party at school next Wednesday. So any suggestions for fun Halloween games or a craft for a bunch of 2nd graders would be wonderful.  :)  Now onto planning my meals for this week. 

  • Monday -  Taco Bell  
  • Tuesday - Dinner at my aunts...yeah no cooking again!  :)
  • Wednesday - Goulash, garlic bread, greek salad
  • Thursday - Chicken patty sandwiches, tater tots, and vegetable
  • Friday - Pizza and salad
  • Saturday - Italian Beef, hash brown casserole, and vegetable
  • Sunday - Fend for yourself day

Oh and there is a reason why on Friday we almost always have pizza or pizza bread.  When my Step-Dad was alive we had pizza every Friday with him.  We either had those big pizza's from Wal-Mart in the Deli section or else we ordered out for pizza.  So we carry on that "tradition".  So what's on your menu this week?  Any plans for eating out or having someone else cook for you?  Have a great week.  :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 Questions With Ava...

Me: Tell me the 5 best things about you?
Ava: I'm cute. I'm nice, I'm not mean. I'm smart. I'm pretty creative.  People love me.

Me: Why do kids put rings in their eyebrows and nose?
Ava: I don't know, maybe because like they're weird and maybe they are from a country called I like to be weird.

Me: Which of your friends do you think I like the most and why?
Ava: Natalie. Because she is nice and we play good together. And me and Natalie are not enemies.

Me: What kind of qualities make a good friend?
Ava: Being nice, helpful, kind, and kids that share with each other and are not rude or mean to other kids.

Me: Do you think it is ok to bully other kids?
Ava: No because it is mean and it makes them sad. And that is just what I think.

Me:  What makes a good Mom?
Ava: Showing she loves her kids, being nice, kissing her daughter, playing with her, and if she listens to her kids and don't yell at them all the time.

Me: What do you think is beyond the stars in the sky?
Ava: Poppy in heaven.

Me: Are you good at any sports? If so, which ones?
Ava: Yes softball and cheerleading.

Me: Are there any sports or activities you would like to try, which ones?
Ava: Soccer and gymnastics and hip hop dance classes.

Me: If you could be any animal what would you be and why?
Ava: Monkey because they eat bananas and I like them and because they are cute.

Monday, October 15, 2012

What's On The Menu?

Good morning.  I hope your week is starting out well.  We have a busy first part of the week so far, but the end of the week is looking like I might have some free time.  Which of course means extra time to clean the house and play catch up for all that gets neglected on those busy days.  lol  I do have quite a few photos to get edited though from the sessions I've been busy with, so that will take up a good part of my week as well.  Monday night I have a photo session and that means I am off the hook for dinner.  Think we will just plan on grabbing something out to eat.  Not sure where yet.  Wednesday Ava gets out of school early.  It's the end of her first quarter at school already!  Hard to believe!  We only have 3 quarters left to go until Summer vacation.  lol  Who's the kid in school?  Already counting down! Yes I am.  Report card day for Ava on Friday! As for the rest of my week, very low key.  I can hardly believe it myself! Might be a good week to work more on Ava's room.  It's that time of year to start sorting through old toys and clothes she has outgrown to donate the things that are in great condition or else toss those things that are not so great.  
  • Monday - Dinner shoot in late afternoon/early evening
  • Tuesday - Bacon and Ranch Cheeseburgers, macaroni & cheese, and fresh veggies with Ranch dip
  • Wednesday - Corn dogs, french fries, and vegetable
  • Thursday - Mesquite Chicken, garlic and rosemary roasted red potatoes, and salad
  • Friday - Pizza and salad
  • Saturday - Sweet and Sour Chicken served over rice and steamed vegetables
  • Fend for yourself Sunday!  :) 
So what's on your menu this week?  Any plans to eat out this week?  I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying some nice fall weather!  :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

According to Ava

Relationships/Marriage according to Ava.  :)

How do you decide who to marry?
Ava: They have to be nice and never yell at me or I would divorce them. They would also have to be sweet on me.

What is the right age to get married?
Ava: Like 20 or 21 because you have to be like old enough to get married.

How can a stranger tell if two people are married?
Ava:  If a lady has a big sparkly ring on her finger.  That's how you know.

What do most people do on a date?
Ava: Get dressed up all fancy like and wear makeup and that will make the boy really like you.  Then you get to have ice cream and have lots of kisses on the lips.

What would you do on a first date that was going badly?
Ava: I would run to my car and leave him and never text or call him again. I wouldn't answer my phone if he called me either.

When is it okay to kiss someone?
Ava: In private when your kids aren't in the room for you to gross them out. 

Is it better to be single or married? Why?
Ava: To be single because a boy will bug you and get on your nerves.

How would the world be different if people didn't get married?
Ava: It would be better sometimes because people wouldn't fight as much over money or how lazy each other are. And girls wouldn't be annoyed by the dumb things boys do. But then there wouldn't be as many kids in this world and that would be sad.

What makes a marriage a happy marriage?
Ava: Having kids they like for one, especially kids that are funny and do good in school.  If the guy tells the girl she is so beautiful every day and the girl has to tell the boy he is so handsome too. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

What's On The Menu?

Another somewhat busy week around here. Thankfully, Ava is out of school today because of Columbus Day.  This isn't usually a day she gets off.  This is the first time in the last 3 years.  So, I enjoy having that extra day with her.  Tuesday, I go to court for my Mom with my sister so she is appointed guardian, over my Mom's estate.  Wednesday, is a day full of running errands and also tying up any loose ends with my sister in regards to things with my Mom.  Thursday, Ava has a dentist appointment after school and then girl scouts.  I have a photo session to do on Thursday as well.  Friday, nothing special going on as of now...hopefully, I can edit photos and scrapbook or do some card making.  I'd love a laid back kind of day like that.  :)  Saturday, the game I wait for all year long...Michigan vs. Illinois.  We will probably lose, but it is the one time I do cheer against Michigan.  :)  Sunday, I have a photo session in the afternoon and then another one on Monday.  I kept my schedule pretty clear this week for photo sessions just because of all I had going on with my Mom this week and wasn't sure how emotional I will be with handling all this stuff. Here is my menu below.

  • Polish sausage, pasta, and vegetable
  • Chicken Quesadillas and salad
  • Pork chops, mashed potatoes with white gravy, and vegetable
  • Steak, baked sweet potatoes, and salad
  • Spaghetti and garlic bread
  • Pizza bread and salad
  • Fend for yourself Sunday!  :)
So what's on your menu this week?  Or are you craving something super yummy this week that you are hoping to have for dinner one night?  

Friday, October 5, 2012

That dreaded fall cold...

and not just the air that is cold.  The oh so sicky, cough a lung up, with that dang scratchy throat, kind of cold.  Oh boy have I been lazy all day long.  Sleeping a good portion of the day away.  I thought I lucked out when I didn't end up with Ava's cold she had a couple weeks ago, but no such luck.  So here is to stocking up on Vick's, Robitussin, cough drops, and Kleenex.  Oh and not to mention some hot tea to soothe my throat.  It is going to be chilly here this weekend, so it makes for the perfect weather to stay indoors and work on getting better.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Balloon Release Celebration

To honor and celebrate my Step-Dad's birthday Ava wanted to do a balloon release at the cemetery.  Initially it was going to be just her and I, but then I thought what a great tribute to his life, if all his Grandchildren were there to do the same.

The kids were all super excited to do this.  I picked up 7 heart balloons and 6 "Happy Birthday" balloons for us to release.  One for each member of our family.  Though my Mom could not be there with us, I made sure to have a balloon to represent her as well.  We each wrote messages on blue card stock (blue was his favorite color).  We did the notes because last week Ava thought she was going to get to see her Poppy and I had to explain to her that he physically would not be there, but with a child you kind of need to give them something positive, so I told her we could attach notes to the balloons and he would be waiting for the balloons with the notes to reach him in heaven.  She liked that.  

My brother and sister-in-law met us at the cemetery with their 3 children and I picked up my sisters 2 children since she had to work.  We wrote out our messages and attached them to the strings.  We even had a balloon for the baby my sister-in-law is expecting come the end of March.  We all sang Happy Birthday though I could not even get past the first two words in the song without choking up.  I knew there was no way I'd get through the prayer if I had to say it either.  So, I asked my oldest nephew if he would like to say the prayer.  Oh my how I wish I would have gotten video of his prayer.  It was not a long prayer, but it was heartfelt and to the point of how blessed our family has been to have Dan (Poppy) in our lives and how we love and miss him.  Dan would have been so very proud of him.  I know I most certainly am.  

The kids then lined up so they could release their balloons to the heavens where their Poppy was I am sure anxiously awaiting their messages of love.  :)  We did a count down and they kids all said "We love you Poppy" as they release their balloons.  

And away the balloons sailed into the sky...well minus two that ended up tangled near the top of one of the trees, but with a little wind I know it will break free.  I told my niece Alyssa (hers were the ones that ended up in the tree), that Poppy would get them once the wind picked up a little.  Thankfully she didn't cry.  It was a perfect way of celebrating his life on his special day.  The day was difficult, but this added some joy to the memory of his life and I know that is what he would want us to do.  We all miss him so much, and there is definitely an emptiness to our lives, but he would want us to celebrate the life that he lived and the love that he will always have for us.  Happy Birthday Dan/Poppy.  We love you so!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dan....

Happy Birthday Dan! 
Wishing you the happiest of birthday's celebrating in heaven with your loved ones.  I know it is quite the celebration for you up there.  In our hearts we know that, but it doesn't stop us from missing you all the same.  I most definitely will miss making you a birthday dinner this year.  It doesn't feel right not planning on having you over for dinner.  Our table just feels empty at dinner time these last couple of months.  I hope you are enjoying one heck of a feast though in heaven.  :)

Ava has been asking to send balloons to you on your birthday so we will be visiting your resting place today.  She has already written the note we will be attaching to the balloon.  I told her you would get them since these balloons will reach you up in heaven.  It made her smile and so excited.  

Thank you Dan for almost 20 years of wonderful memories.  For loving us. For loving our Mom. For loving our children.  Thank you for allowing us into your heart.  It has been some of the very best years of my life.  One day we will all celebrate together again.  Wishing you the happiest birthday ever.  You may be in a better place, but you will never be forgotten in our lives while we remain here on earth.  We love you!

I know if Ava could give you anything on your birthday it would be a big giant hug.  We miss and love you so very much.  Thank you for the memories all these years.

Monday, October 1, 2012

What's On The Menu?

One of these days I am going to have a less busy week, but so far October is going to be busy for the next two weeks.  Going. Going. Going. So for most of the days I think I am just going to keep it simple and as easy as possible.  For tonight we do not have much going on. Tuesday is my Step-Dad's birthday and this will be his first birthday without him here with us.  He will be celebrating in heaven this year.  I know he is not suffering, but oh how our hearts are, even though we know he is in a much better place.  Ava has wanted to visit the cemetery and let go of balloons.  So that is just what we will be doing late Tuesday afternoon.  Wednesday I have a photo session to do (weather permitting.  Thursday is my niece's 8th birthday and my sister has a Scentsy party as well.  Thankfully though our Friday and Saturday are pretty low-key.  :)  So that means hopefully editing photos and watching football.  lol

  • Monday - Baked BBQ Chicken, French Fries, and salad
  • Tuesday - Nachos
  • Wednesday - Grilled Turkey & Cheese sandwich, soup and cucumbers with ranch dressing
  • Thursday - Chipped Beef Gravy, mashed potatoes, vegetable
  • Friday - Pizza and salad
  • Saturday - Cheeseburgers, Hash brown casserole, and vegetable
  • Sunday - Fend for yourself day

So what's on your menu this week?  Even if you don't plan a menu each week anything sound particularly good that you've been craving lately?  I am thinking steak needs to show up again on my menu soon and make a couple soups and stews.  By the end of the week we are supposed to be in the upper 50's during the day and the low's in the evening are supposed to be in the 30's.  Brrrrr.  Not ready for that low of temperatures yet.