Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Movie Review - October Baby

Do you ever watch a movie and you are torn about what you think of it?  You don't want to say it was a bad movie, because it wasn't at all, and you liked the message behind the movie, but you felt like it was lacking something still.  But what was it missing for you exactly?  Yet ,if someone asked you about the movie you feel like you would recommend watching it to them.  That is how I feel about this movie.  The movie is about a young woman who gets sick and finds out she was adopted along with other circumstances surrounding her adoption.  It kind of goes through her emotions through the process of finding her birth mother.  I think this could have been more in depth maybe.  However, there were scenes in this movie that definitely brought me to tears.  The message is one about forgiveness and it is a Christian based movie.  I do recommend watching it if you are looking for something that is Christian based or if stories of adoption appeal to you. 

On a personal level stories of adoption do appeal to me.  Though I was raised by my birth Mom, my Mom left my biological Dad when she was 3 months pregnant with me and they divorced when I was a few months old.  He saw me a few times when I was a baby, but obviously none that I remember.  The first time I ever remember meeting my "Dad" face to face I was 9 1/2 years old.  He signed away rights to my sister and me when we were 3 and 4 years old.  He didn't stick around to get to know us or to watch us grow up. I was always intensely curious about him.  He had two children from a previous marriage (who are about 15 years older than my sister and me).  He didn't have contact with them either.  Someday I will have to blog about that maybe.  Anyway, so stories of adoption have always interested me.  So yes, I do recommend this movie, but don't be surprised if you find yourself walking away from it thinking about this movie and not sure exactly what you think of it.  Check out the trailer above though.  For a rental at the Redbox though I'd say it is worth checking out.  If you do watch it, let me know what your thoughts are on it. 


  1. Thanks for the movie review! It had to be hard knowing your dad was out there when you were growing up. How blessed you were to have Dan step in and be the father that you never had!

  2. Will have to check the movie out and if so, will let you know what I think. Hope you have a good Thursday.

  3. This movie was filmed in my town (Birmingham) by some guys I grew up with.

    I feel the same way you do about it - there were some parts I loved, but there were a couple issues in particular that I thought could have been handled better (I don't want to leave a spoiler in your comments but I'd be glad to discuss it over email!).

    I loved the message and the intent, though, and of course I loved seeing my city on the big screen.

  4. How fun that Rachel knows the people behind this movie, filmed in her hometown!! Thanks for the review. I'll keep it in mind.