Monday, October 15, 2012

What's On The Menu?

Good morning.  I hope your week is starting out well.  We have a busy first part of the week so far, but the end of the week is looking like I might have some free time.  Which of course means extra time to clean the house and play catch up for all that gets neglected on those busy days.  lol  I do have quite a few photos to get edited though from the sessions I've been busy with, so that will take up a good part of my week as well.  Monday night I have a photo session and that means I am off the hook for dinner.  Think we will just plan on grabbing something out to eat.  Not sure where yet.  Wednesday Ava gets out of school early.  It's the end of her first quarter at school already!  Hard to believe!  We only have 3 quarters left to go until Summer vacation.  lol  Who's the kid in school?  Already counting down! Yes I am.  Report card day for Ava on Friday! As for the rest of my week, very low key.  I can hardly believe it myself! Might be a good week to work more on Ava's room.  It's that time of year to start sorting through old toys and clothes she has outgrown to donate the things that are in great condition or else toss those things that are not so great.  
  • Monday - Dinner shoot in late afternoon/early evening
  • Tuesday - Bacon and Ranch Cheeseburgers, macaroni & cheese, and fresh veggies with Ranch dip
  • Wednesday - Corn dogs, french fries, and vegetable
  • Thursday - Mesquite Chicken, garlic and rosemary roasted red potatoes, and salad
  • Friday - Pizza and salad
  • Saturday - Sweet and Sour Chicken served over rice and steamed vegetables
  • Fend for yourself Sunday!  :) 
So what's on your menu this week?  Any plans to eat out this week?  I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying some nice fall weather!  :)


  1. Your menu always sounds so yummy! I am going to sit down this morning and figure out mine for the week. No eating out for us until the weekend. I am on Weight Watchers and it's so much better for my diet to eat at home, at least during the week. I do like going out one night on the weekends. Have a great week, Mandi!

  2. Your menu, as always, sounds so good. We "wing it" almost every day. I need to grocery shop this week and always dread that. If I could afford a personal shopper, I would hire one to buy groceries if nothing else. Hope your week goes smoothly and you get needed things accomplished.

  3. Every week I read your menu and tell myself I'm going to do a menu for the week, too. But I never do. I'm counting points for Weight Watchers, too, and really blow it when we go out to eat....which is too often. Sounds like a good week ahead for you!