Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Day 1

Today is definitely the perfect day to start this.  Especially after last night and having some teens shatter the windshield of my car with a huge pumpkin.  So, it's always good to look for the positive in life and to focus on our blessings.  

I am thankful for my faith.  For my faith in God, faith in my family and friends.  Faith that beyond this life here on earth, I am promised eternal life, blessings beyond what this world has to offer or that I could even imagine.  Faith that God carries me when I am not strong enough to take another step in my journey in this life and He carries me until I am able to stand on my own two feet, with him walking right beside me.  Faith that God forgives me and loves me even when I disappoint Him.  Faith that the story of our lives doesn't just end here, but it continues on when we accept and believe in Him. Faith not only in the little things, but in the big things as well.  Faith that God has a better plan for my life, than I could ever hope to plan myself. 


  1. Beautiful post..where would be without Faith? Faith is what gets me through each and every day. God is so GOOD!