Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Day 22

 I am thankful for my family, both my immediate family and my extended family.  When I think of my family I have so many wonderful memories.  I have cousins that I am just as close to as if they were my brothers and sisters.  I have am even blessed with cousins who have married into our family and it feels like they have always been a part of our family.  My cousins have children of their own and they feel as if they are my own nieces and nephews.  How great of a feeling is that.  I have aunts that are like a second Mom to me.  I have been so blessed with an amazing family.  I have siblings I can share anything with and even if we disagree or tick each other off, we know at the end of the day we will always be there for one another.  As a family, we have been through a lot together and things we've faced that could have torn us apart, but we had amazing role models and we grew up knowing the importance of family, and that has given us a pretty solid foundation.  I, of course, am very very very thankful for my little girl.  I cannot imagine my life without her and my life before her seems like such along time ago. Today and every day I am so very thankful for my family and the love, respect, and commitment we share.  Happy Thanksgiving!  :)

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