Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Day 25

I am thankful for the local Sunday newspaper.  Even though I do not shop on Black Friday, I do still like to shop and I love to look at the newest ads that come out in the Sunday paper.  I have a certain way I even read the newspaper.  First, I sort through the paper and remove all the ads and set them to the side.  Then, I look at the Hobby Lobby ad in the Life section of the newspaper.  Then, I scan the marriage/engagement section to see if I know anyone getting married or who just got married.  I even look to see who is has gotten a divorce in the Disillusions section.  Then, I read my horoscope which 99% of the time is super lame and really makes no sense at all or is so general it is ridiculous.  But that really is for pure entertainment.  I even check the obituaries and babies birth announcement section, because well you just never know who you might know in those sections too.  I browse the section of celebrity birthdays.  I test myself on the little Smarty Pants weekly trivia section.  Which surprises me sometimes that I do still know quite a bit and then sometimes I am like wow I just learned something new today.  lol  Then, it is onto the Sports section.  Lately, it is a big disappointment since the Illini have had such a poor session in football.  Though the basketball team seems to be fairing better.   Then the rest of the sections I just kind of flip through and if anything else interesting catches my attention in the headlines, I will read through that. Then I browse the comics pretty quickly.  I also love that the comics are in color in the Sunday newspaper.  Amazingly, Ava has no interest in the comics what-so-ever.  Strange since she loves to read.  Oh well.  

Now, onto the best part of the newspaper...the ads.  There are some that get quickly discarded, like True Value and anything like Farm and Fleet.  Unless I need some kind of tool or tires for my car, eh I can do without those ads.  :)  They are barely worth a real glance in my opinion, but that's just me and my interest.  Walgreens doesn't get much of a look either.  Just really isn't my thing. Then it's onto looking at Slumberland, Wal-Mart, Bergners, Sears, JcPenney, Kohl's, Best Buy, & Staples.  A quick browse through the weekly Parade insert, my favorite page is the first one where the people write in asking questions and then the little comics inside.  Then, at last it is time to look at the Target ad.  I save this ad every single time for the last.  It like the last bite of something delicious and my favorite ad to look at. It is the ad I might even browse through a second or third time even.  And now you know how I read my Sunday paper.  lol   :)

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