Monday, November 26, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Day 26

I am thankful for electricity.  Last night while in the middle of making dinner (of course), the power went out.  Everything was pitch black.  No street lights, no neighbors with lights on across the street, nothing.  Thankfully, by the light of my phone I could make my away around the house to gather the few candles I still keep on hand just in case of something like this happening to give off some light at least.  However, cooking dinner came to a screeching halt since I have an electric stove.  My niece Olivia was over, so both Ava and Olivia thought the world was coming to an end without any power.  What?!?!?  No TV! No Internet! No Nintendo Wii! No Nintendo DS since Ava let the battery run out on it and well I clearly need power to charge it!  Oh my gosh! How horrible.  How does anyone live and survive without electricity!  Olivia let me know several times that this was the worst day of her entire life and how incredibly bored she was.  Then, I told them to get out some paper and draw some pictures.

 I asked them to show me how they felt about the power being out and this is their expression.  So sad!!! I then explained to them that a long time ago they used to live by the light of day and candle light.  They couldn't just flip on a light switch and fill the room with light.  That to them seemed like the most crazy thing imaginable.  

I did get them to smile in a photo, but even still they were not happy to be drawing pictures by candlelight.  Thankfully we were only without power for about 2 hours.  And oh what a joy it was for the girls.  They let out cheers of excitement over having the power back on.  Life could finally resume to normal for them.  As for dinner, well it was a waste.  So we enjoyed some Culver's for dinner instead.  :) 

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  1. Isn't it funny how kids today haven't a clue about life without electricity? Of course, we had electricity when I was growing up in the 50s, but only black and white TV, with only three channels - unless your antenna was good and you could pull in a PBS channel, too. We played outside, sun up to sun down. I'm glad you got them to smile for the photo, anyway!

    Living in Florida - hurricane season has us equipped for no electric. We have a generator and a gas grill...all good as long as we keep the gasoline and gas containers all full!

    I enjoyed your post!!