Monday, November 5, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Day 5

I am thankful for games.  Yes games.  Yes I admit I am a gamer.  What kind of games you might ask?  Video game? Sure. I love playing Just Dance on the Wii with Ava.  It allows me to have fun with Ava and to be silly.  And to show her that her Mama sure has some dance moves still.  :)  We also play the Wii sports game and have fun bowling together.  I used to have a PlayStation 2 when my nephew was little and we would play wrestling games. Racing car games. Sport games.  I love card games too. Solitaire. Texas Hold Em. War. Old Maid. I have a pretty good poker face if I do say so myself.  I also play Skip-Bo with my nephews.  Pretty sure my oldest nephew loves it as much as I do. My youngest nephew though is a cheater or tries to get over on me.  lol  With Ava, we play High-Low with the Skip-Bo cards. A game I made up so she could feel included when she was younger plus a great way to teach numbers when she was little.  I love playing Ava's kid games as well with her.  Head Bandz. We look completely silly wearing this head band and a card stuck to it.  But oh so fun.  Candy Land. Chutes & Ladders. Monopoly Jr. Memory/Matching games. 

I enjoy games like Scattergories. Scrabble. Upwords. Yahtzee. Monopoly. Password. Charades. Win, Lose, or Draw. Trivial Pursuit. Checkers. Pictionary. and the list for those could go on and on.  I love puzzles too.  Jigsaw Puzzles.  I get that from my Mom.  We used to put together puzzles when I was a kid and throughout my life.  We would work on huge puzzles together and she always saved the last piece for me to put in if she got to the end.  What a fun memory.  Word Finds.  I have a whole strategy for doing word finds and I can finish one really fast.  Crossword Puzzles. Sudoku Puzzles. Number Puzzles.  Fill-In Puzzles. Jumbled word games. Then we get to games like the Sims.  I have almost every Sims game ever made.  Love me some Sims. I love hidden object games too or detective type games on the computer.  Facebook can be addicting with their games as well.  I play Words with Friends. Chefville (for now anyway), Dice with Friends. What can I say I am a gamer by nature.  I am competitive and not a fan of losing. lol I am not a bad sport if I lose though.  Ava on the other hand, oh my.  We are working on that.  She is competitive as well and though she is getting better at not always winning, it is something I have to work on with her.  So yes, I am thankful for games that are fun, but also challenge my mind or simply just entertain me to pass the time.  :)


  1. Games are fun! We like Scattergories, and we are loving Apples to Apples now. Lots of fun. We don't get a chance to play much anymore. I'm not that competitive, and play for fun more than for winning. Games make for great bonding and conversation!! Wishing you a good week, with some time for games!!

  2. Ava is at such a fun age to play games with. And they are such a great learning tool.

    We love games too. I love Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and our current favorite is playing Euchre (card game) on the weekends. We also play Dominoes when we are up at our camper.

    You and I play Dice with Friends that game! Do you play Draw Something? That's another fun one.