Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 Days of Thanks - Day 7

  (Ava with her 1st Grade teacher)

I am thankful for education and the ability to continue to learn for myself and to also understand and be able to help Ava with her homework when she comes home from school.  I am thankful for my Ava's wonderful school and for the 4 years of amazing teachers she has had so far since Pre-K.  Each year we have been so blessed with incredible teachers.  I am amazed at all the different things Ava has learned in these last 4 years.  I am thankful for a daughter who loves school, not only so she can see her friends, but she fully enjoys the educational part of it as well.  I am thankful that each night we sit down to do homework it is not a battle and is really quite an enjoyable experience.  I am thankful that God has blessed me with a child who has a passion for learning about so many different things.  I am thankful to that I live in a country that allows us the freedom to receive an education and that has expectations for us to excel beyond even just high school now.  Education is something we often take for granted where it is denied to girls especially in several countries or else if they are allowed to go to school, it is not the same as for the boys or they are not allowed to go beyond a certain point.  We are so blessed to live where we live.  Even with Ava being just in second grade I see such huge differences from even when I was a kid.  I love so many of the changes the schools have made.  They make it so much more fun.  Yes, their expectations are quite a bit higher than when I was growing up, and yes the class requirements are harder and more advanced than when I was her age, but if you make it fun and rewarding I fully believe that helps so many children want to learn. 

One thing I learned last year, when I thought Ava's class was quite a bit more advanced than I thought necessary for a first grader, was never to put limits on your child.  Never underestimate what they are able to learn. Never assume that because you were not doing those things at that age in school, they are not capable of doing the things asked of them.  Thankfully, I never voiced my opinion or gave her the excuse of things being way to hard or way to advanced.  Instead, I sat back and watched her reach levels and learn so many things, I never would have imagined possible at her age.  Never underestimate the power of an incredible teacher and a child who is willing to learn with no excuses. I know I most definitely learned my lesson.  :) 


  1. Awesome post, Mandi. What a blessing it has to be to watch Ava excel in school and to see her truly enjoy going to school. You are right, so often we take for granted the education that is offered in this country. It's hard to believe that girls are denied an education in some parts of our world.

  2. As a grandmother of 6, 5 of which are in preK and up to the 9th grade, I can certainly see and understand what you are talking about. I have thought so many times, "that is too hard or too advanced", but they get it and go on and I too am thankful for that. Our world is much more advanced than when I was their ages, so thankfully, school has kept up with the times.

  3. A great post, Mandi! I agree with you that we should be so thankful for educational opportunities in this country. We are blessed!