Monday, December 17, 2012

May We Never Forget...

 and may we make the changes necessary to keep our children safe. It's time to take action and any steps necessary to do whatever we can to keep our children and our schools a safe place.  A place without violence.  A place all children, teachers, and parents can feel is safe.  A place where our children should only be practicing fire and natural disaster drills.  It makes me so sad to see that our children need to have safety drills on what to do in case a monster decides to invade their schools with guns.  No one has the right to steal a child's innocence in any way. Ever!  

These actions did not happen because we have taken "God" out of our schools.  Many may disagree with me.  Many people believe this very act happened because "God has been taken out of the schools." As parents, if we raise our children with God in their lives and Jesus in their hearts, then no one can possibly take God out of our schools.  If we teach our children to pray, God will never be taken out of our schools. For those that think God would sacrifice our children to the hands of a monster, just to prove a point, well then you don't know the God that I know.  A God that is loving and kind.  That is the God I serve. God wouldn't sacrifice our children to spend their last few moments in unimaginable fear.  God wouldn't allow our children, HIS children, to see the face of a monster, to steer us as a Nation back onto the right path.  Not the God I serve.  

This morning, I sent Ava off to school.  I didn't want too.  What happened just a couple days ago is still fresh in the media and in my heart.  Two days definitely was not enough time to start to grieve and move on. To feel safe sending our children to school again.  I know thousands of parents felt this exact same way this morning.  Extra hugs were given.  Even more I love you's were said than usual.  I look at her, at only the age of 7, the same ages as a few of the children who lost their lives on Friday, just one grade older than those children who went to school on Friday, and I think I don't know how someone could hurt children her age.  The teachers who sacrificed their lives for their students. The bravery shown by the teachers in this school.  And the first responders who walked into that school and saw such unspeakable horrors.  Something no person should ever have to lay eyes on.  To Nancy Lanza my heart goes out to her family. I don't think any parent could ever think their own child is capable of something so horrific. I pray she was completely unaware of what was about to happen to her and her community in the final moment of her life.  My heart breaks for the entire Newtown community.  I'll never be able to wrap my mind around this tragedy.  I'll never be able to understand how a person can be filled with such evil. The devil wears many masks and possesses an evil, no child of God could ever understand.  

May we remember the children and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary.  Do not let the lives of these precious children go in vain. Let us learn something and let us stop asking "well what can we do to stop this?" and instead let us start taking actions, real actions to prevent this from happening again. 


  1. Our priest said the same thing Mandi. Our life should be a prayer. God is with us every where we go. I was so sick over this. I can't even imagine the pain that the families and this town are going through.