Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Do you ever see or hear something that just really bothers you?  Something that surprises you on one hand, but then again on the other hand it doesn't surprise you?  Yesterday, while at the courthouse, I was waiting right outside the security check in place and these three young men come out to that area, ranting and raving about how the charges against them just need to be dropped and they "ain't got enough evidence to convict them".  You can just tell by their words and actions, these three are trouble.  Well, I hear one of them ask the others if they saw that $20 on the ground over at the security check in.  Then he tells them he is going to go pick it up and take it.  Followed by several cuss words.  They are all giggling like little kids pulling a prank.  I am seriously standing there like is this even happening.  So, they all three walk back inside and sure enough that guy snatches up the money.  With a security guard/police officer maybe a foot away on the other side of the conveyor belt/scanner thing.  So, I am standing there thinking, this guy wouldn't brazenly steal that money with that officer so close and several other guards and officers right in that area. Sure enough, he pockets the money and they nonchalantly walk right on out without a care in the world.  Then, on the way out of the courthouse, they are laughing and talking about how they are going to go have lunch on this "fools money".  

First, I am thinking did I just see this.  I mean come on.  Is this an episode of What Would You Do?  You are in court because you allegedly committed some crime based on the things being said between you and your buddies before you stole that money on the ground.  Then, you steal money on the ground without a second thought about the person who even lost their money.  Second, I felt horrible for the person who dropped this money from their pocket.  You never know if that was someone's last bit of money.  Even if it wasn't though, someone else took something that didn't belong to them.  Third, I am thinking how do some people have such disregard for others.  Disregard for authority figures.  How does one steal mere inches from a security guards and police officers?  As I am standing there I am thinking to myself this is why our courts have so many trials taking place every single day.  The disregard and disrespect of others, towards others, is why our jails and courts are so overrun with cases.  If we would extend kindness to others, respect to not take what does not belong to us, take to heart the word of God to do unto others, as we'd have done unto us.  Treat others as we want to be treated are not hard words to live by.  To not offer at the very least the money to that security guard, so he can turn it into lost and found and hopefully himself do the right thing.  I don't care if it was a $1.00 or $5.00 that lay on the ground.  If it doesn't belong to you, do the right thing.  Make the choice that you would hope others would make if you were the one that lost that money on the ground.  I highly doubt you'd hope someone would pocket your money and not look back.

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  1. It's so sad. Younger people (especially) today have so little regard for others, or for themselves. I just keep telling myself that they will be judged one day, by our almighty Father in Heaven. So sad.