Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Good Saturday...

Today Ava and I went to watch my niece Alyssa cheer for a basketball game today.  It was a win-win because Ava has a few friends who are on the same cheerleading squad as my niece.  This Cheerleading/basketball program is area wide and not based on schools.  So, Ava was excited to see some of her best friends too.  While there I even saw a good friend that I hadn't seen in quite some time and it was nice catching up a little bit on our lives.
Ava enjoyed watching her cousin and friends cheer and I could tell she was wanting to be up there doing her thing.  She usually cheers for JFL, but I might sign her up next year for Upwards as well to cheer during the basketball season. 

Austin was more interested in watching the basketball game, of course.  
The cheerleaders taking a break during half-time. The girl 3rd from the left is my niece Alyssa.  The 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th girl in the row are friends of Ava's and they are all in the same Girl Scouts troop as well.  So that was fun getting to watch them.  

Then, tonight I watched some football playoff games and the teams I wanted to win today did.  I like Peyton Manning and if the Broncos would have won I wouldn't have really minded but I wanted to see the Ravens win just a little bit more.  So, I was stoked when they won.  Being a Chicago Bears fan, I wanted the Packers to lose their game more than any other team in the playoffs.  LOL  I am not a San Francisco fan typically, but I was tonight.  So, my day was definitely made when the Niners beat the Packers.  :) 

Now for tomorrows games.  Hoping the Texans can find a way to pull out a win against New England and the Falcons can beat the Seahawks.  Might be wishful thinking but I won't complain too much since the Packers did lose!  :)


  1. Our weekend has also been full of football. I can watch football, but I don't really care who wins. I am happy when Joe is happy. I know he was glad the Ravens won, but he was hoping the Seahawks would win, and is for Houston in the game that is on right now.

    The girls are SO cute. Seems like Ava will enjoy cheering with her friends next year! Hope that can work out for her!!

    1. I am hoping it is a Ravens-Falcons Super Bowl, but the Patriots might be a hard one to beat this weekend. I knew it would pretty much take a miracle for Houston to win last weekend, but for a really young team that made it pretty far in the playoffs.

      Oh Ava loves anything to do with dancing, singing, and cheering. :) She did cheerleading last year and loved it. She couldn't do the JFL cheerleading in the fall because they changed the requirements to having to be in 3rd grade. The program her friends any my niece are doing is called Upwards and it is kids from different schools cheering at basketball games at a local church. The kids seem to have fun doing it.

  2. How fun! The pictures are so cute! That would be so nice if she got to cheer with her best friends and cousin next year..she would have a blast.

    I can't stand the 49ers..I wish they would have lost but I am a big fan of the I am rooting for them the rest of way!!

    1. Thanks Kris. :) She definitely would have a blast. lol on the 49ers. I am not a fan of them either, but I will take any other team in the NFL over the Packers any day. lol But I hope to see the 49ers lose this weekend. :) I am rooting for the Ravens as well. Like I said in my comment to Terri, I'd like to see a Falcons-Ravens Super Bowl. I actually like the Falcons too, but I'd love to see the Ravens win the Super Bowl. Here is to hoping the Ravens can pull out one more win on Sunday and then another win in a couple weeks. I am bummed that football season is so close to being over. Though I am sure you are excited to see the Tigers season starting soon. :)