Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Girl Scout Cookie Rally...

The time is almost here for the selling of Girl Scout cookies.  Ava's troop along with several others met up for their annual cookie rally over the weekend.  And what fun was had by all these little girls.  Ava was super excited to see her friends since this cookie rally happened over Christmas vacation time.  The cookie rally is held at our local YMCA.  They had a DJ on hand, a bounce house, swimming, various other activities, dressing up like cookies, pizza party, we got to even eat some cookies, and they have a new flavor coming out this year too. 

Ava and Lilly were all hugs and smiles when they saw each other.  These two were inseparable all night long.

 Ava with two more of her best friends Mekayla and Natalie.

Ava's Girl Scout troop.  I think a couple were missing though.  Her troop leader had these adorable shirts made for the girls.  The front says Brownies Rock and the back of the shirt has their name on it.  A bunch of other troops asked or commented on the girls shirts.  A huge hit for sure.  :)

The girls attempting to do the YMCA.  They had no idea what the song was all about.  lol Made me feel kind of old.  lol

 Chloe, Mekayla, Natalie, Ava, & Lilly ready to have some fun.  

Dressing up as all the different cookies to get their photo taken together.  Not a great quality photo but oh well. 

Grace, Lilly, Ava, and Abby waiting for their turn to get in the princess bounce house.  Lots of activities to wear these girls out.  

A few of the girls from Ava's troop didn't stay overnight.  We were one of them.  We left at 10:15 and my niece who was also at the cookie rally came home with us for a sleepover.  We ended up staying up pretty late here rocking out on the Wii to Glee karaoke.  I surprised the girls with my 100% on a song from glee.  Oh yeah!  lol  We had lots of fun and a perfect end to our  Christmas vacation.  :)


  1. Oh what fun that was!! The girls look so happy, and how nice to have your best friends in your Brownie troop! My mom was cookie chairman one year. We had cases of cookies stacked to the ceiling in our living room! That was back when they were 50 cents a box - and we won't go there!! LOL Have fun!

  2. Oh my gosh I can't get over how much fun it looks like they had! I have the best memories of Lauren being in girl scouts. So many fun field trips and activities!!