Friday, January 25, 2013

Hoar Frost

I was on a blog earlier today and I saw some photos of ice.  I started thinking about some photos I'd taken last February and I thought I had posted them on a blog but after looking over my previous blog posts I guess I didn't.  So I went to find the pictures on my laptop to post today. 

Until about 2 years ago I'd never even heard the term hoar frost.  I would have just called it frost.  lol  These photos were taken with my macro attachment on my DSLR.  Little spikes of frost.  It is truly fun to capture.  Honest. :)

The head of a nail in a fence post covered in hoar frost.  

I just loved this No Trespassing sign.  The wire is covered in the frost and I love the bold yellow color of the sign.  

 Brush and fence post covered with the hoar frost.

 Isn't it just pretty to look at. I think so.

The weather here in Central Illinois has been kind of cold, but nothing exciting to really photograph this winter.  We are due for some ice here on Sunday so maybe we will get something fun to photograph.  Nothing much on the snow front, so that means no snowflake photos yet this year.  I am just wanting one cool snowfall so I can get out and see what neat snowflakes Mother Nature has to offer up.  Crazy Illinois weather.  We are supposed to have some ice on Sunday and on Tuesday they are calling for Thunderstorms. lol


  1. Hoar frost makes the most beautiful photos.

  2. You really captured some great photos of the hoar frost! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Beautiful! Now you've made me want a macro lens!

    1. Rachel it is actually just an attachment I have for my lens. It is a fun little attachment to play around with. :) And I think the attachment was like $30.00 or less and it came with a wide angle attachment as well. Much cheaper than buying a macro lens since I don't often shoot those types of photos. :)