Thursday, January 24, 2013

Watercolor what?!?!

I don't paint. Not in an artistic kind of way.  Sure as a child I did the typical paint by number.  As a child and as an adult I've even finger painted.  I've even painted on ceramic pieces.  Yes, I've even painted the walls of a room, but to watercolor.  Nope.  Never that I can recall. Ava received a watercolor set for Christmas and she was ready to put it to use.  Ava did a watercolor in an art class this past fall and really enjoyed it.  So, to tap into her creative side, this seemed like the perfect gift for her.  I admit, I was pretty intimidated by the whole idea of watercolor myself.  One, because I cannot draw much more than a stick figure at best. It's so sad really. lol Plus, my creativity is limited to what would I even paint (freehand at that) anyway. Well, Ava declared Sundays our official watercolor/painting/art night.  Oh my what have I agreed too. 
At first I just thought I'd observe her painting and creating her idea of art.  After several pleas for me to try it, I gave in.  
The watercolor Ava is creating above is a water fountain in Central Park.  She loves this fountain.  

Next she decided to paint a tree and a huge red flower.  I smile when I see this because I love how the flower is almost as tall as the tree.  Flowers take on a life of their own in her world.  :)

I decided to play is safe and do a large flower.  I have no idea what kind of flower this would even be, but Ava seems to like it. I have to admit it was quite fun even if the flower isn't artwork or all that impressive.  Just to spend time and make memories with my favorite little girl is all that matters at the end of the day.  I have no idea what I will make next time.  I am certainly no Bob Ross painting happy little trees.  :)


  1. How fun and such a great activity to do together! I am impressed with both yours and Ava's creations..Good job!

  2. Thanks Kris! Ava loves to draw and make things. It's a fun to see what her little mind comes up with. :)

  3. I see art everyday because I work in an art museum. I think your creations are pretty awesome! Keep up the good work! Art is all about does it make you feel? I would say your art makes you both feel fantastic!

    1. Thank you Terri. We definitely had fun making it. :)