Monday, January 14, 2013

What's On The Menu?

Life is definitely back to normal around here.  Ava and I had an enjoyable weekend.  Three out of the four teams I wanted to win in the playoffs one.  So that made me happy.  Ava and I played the game Operation this weekend and maybe just maybe I have a little surgeon on my hands.  She beat me every time.  lol  This week Ava has Dance camp tomorrow after school and I will be going to the basketball game to watch her perform at half-time.  She is so excited about that.  Heck, I am excited about that.  I have some projects I am working on this week and working on some new ideas for my photography business as well.  Saturday my niece has another basketball game she is cheering, so I think we will attend that again.  Ava has a three day weekend coming up with next Monday being Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  My Grandpa actually shared the same birthday as him (January 15th) except my Grandpa was just 1 year younger.  Now onto this weeks menu.  

  • Monday - Chicken Quesadillas, salsa & chips
  • Tuesday - Nothing planned - Ava is eating at school with her Dance Camp
  • Wednesday - Blue Cheese and Bacon Burgers, french fries, and vegetable
  • Thursday - Club sandwiches & soup
  • Friday - Pizza and salad
  • Saturday - Goulash, garlic bread, and salad
And that is what is on our menu this week.  Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.  :)

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  1. What fun to see Ava dance at the game! Hopefully you will have a photo or two to share with us!! Your menus always make me hungry! Have a wonderful week!