Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten Thought Tuesday...

So I am going to try something "new" for me anyway.  Random thoughts going on in my head or my life right now.  Should be fun.  lol

1. Today I am finishing up editing a maternity session from Sunday afternoon.  I have the ipod on the docking station and it's set to shuffle all the music I have on there.  So far a good morning.  :)

2. We are supposed to get some snow this evening and into tomorrow morning.  I wish it would be enough to cancel school for Ava tomorrow, but I doubt it will be.  I would love a snow day with her.  

3. I wonder why some people live their lives with such negativity and anger.  Life shouldn't always be taken so seriously or with such anger and frustration.  Seems like a huge waste of time and a waste of ones life really.

4. I need to go to the post office and library today.  So not feeling it, but it has to be done.  

5. I ordered a peace sign overnight bag this morning for Ava for Easter.  I think she will love it.  

6. I've been up since 1 a.m. I think a short nap is in order today for me to make it through the rest of the day.  The weather is perfect for a nap since it is gray and rainy out right now.  

7.  I am so ready for Spring.  Everything about it.  The daylight lasts longer and longer each day.  The weather gets nicer.  Thunderstorms...oh yes, I look forward to those too.  

8.  My oldest nephew turns 15 this Sunday.  Where has the time gone?  He has grown up way too fast!  

9. This week is Dr. Seuss week at Ava's school and on Friday they are supposed to dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character.  I have no idea what Ava is going to be that we can even pull off.  lol

10. I have been reading quite a bit lately.  Love getting lost in a good book.  :)

Have a great Tuesday!  :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

What's On The Menu?

Well, last week I didn't get the chance to blog at all.  It was one of those crazy kind of weeks we all have from time to time.  My sleep was pretty messed up as well, and I have been battling a cold now for a couple weeks.  Last week we even had some measurable snow for the first time this winter, and here it is almost the end of February.  Ava had fun playing in it, but man we are so ready for spring.  This week we are expected to get some more snow/rain for a few days this week.  We definitely need the precipitation since we've been under water restrictions the past two summers due to lack of rain.  So hopefully this year things aren't so dry.  

Ok, so onto this week.  Not a ton on the calendar.  I have a photo session I need to edit this week.  Ava has Girl Scouts.  We still have about 60 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to sell and we have about 2 1/2 weeks to get that done in.  I think that's doable.  This week is Dr. Seuss week at Ava's school, so each day it is a different theme.  Today, she gets to wear her pajamas and slippers to school.  Where were these kinds of fun things when I was in school.  lol  :) My oldest nephew turns 15 on Sunday, so we will probably go out to dinner for that.  I cannot believe he is going to be 15...where does the time go?!?! I need to make a trip to the library to return some books I've read lately and maybe to pick up a couple more this week as well.  I have one book left I checked out from the library to finish from a couple weeks ago.  My mission is to read a bit more this year than I did last year.  So far, so good.  Well here is what is on my menu this week.  Keeping it fairly simple this week. 
  • Bacon & Ranch Cheeseburgers, macaroni & cheese, and vegetable
  • Chipped Beef Gravy, mashed potatoes, and wheat toast
  • Chicken Quesadillas
  • Grilled Cheese w/bacon sandwich, chips and fresh veggies with ranch dip
  • Goulash and garlic bread
  •  Shredded BBQ Chicken sandwiches, tater tots and salad
So what's on your menu this week?  Any plans to eat out.  I know we ate out way too many times last week.  lol   Have a wonderful week ahead.  :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hotel Transylvania - Movie Review

I rented this movie for Ava over the weekend because she has been wanting to see it.  We didn't get the chance to see it when it was out at the movie theater and oh how I wish we had.  We even kept it an extra couple days it was that much of a hit.  I lost track of how many times she actually watched it.  I'd have to give it 5 stars for sure.  It's about a bunch of monsters who live in a hotel and no humans are allowed because they are "supposedly bad".  Adam Sandler is the voice of Dracula who's daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) wants to explore the world outside the hotel.  Dracula tries to keep her at the hotel by scaring her about the human world.  A human Jonathan  (Andy Samberg) shows up at the hotel and Dracula is not at all pleased with that and disguise him from the patrons at the hotel.  Everyone seems to like Jonathan.  Mavis and Jonathan hit it off and she really likes him even after she finds out he is human.  

It really was a great movie and one that is on my to buy list now to add to our movie collection.  It has a stellar cast for the voices of each character.  Check out the trailer above and if you haven't already seen it, I say add it to your list of must watch movies, especially if you have kids or grandkids.    

Monday, February 11, 2013

Here Comes The Boom - Movie Review

This weekend I rented the movie "Here Comes The Boom" starring Kevin James, Selma Hayek, and Henry Winkler.  If I were to rate it, I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars.  Kevin James movies always find a way to make me laugh.  This movie is basically about a biology teacher (Kevin James) whose school is cutting funding to the music department.  He is trying to come up with money to save his friends job and the music department.  So he tries MMA fighting to earn money.  In the beginning of the movie he is a very uninvolved teacher who thinks what he teaches doesn't really matter in life and he is uninspired.  As the movie progresses he becomes more passionate about teaching and rallies the students.  

For me personally I love these kinds of movies.  I think it was work the movie rental and was a movie I'd even watch again.  I'd say add it to your movie list if you haven't seen it yet.  :)

What's On The Menu?

A busy week ahead around here.  I have to put together Ava's treat bags for her class Valentine's Day party, finish up her bookmark Valentine's,we have Girl Scouts this week and we have several signs to make for the Girl Scout cookie booth we have all weekend long.  Ava also has a friend sleeping over this weekend and we are hoping to go bowling as well.  Not to mention trying to get rid of all these cookies.  We are only a week into cookie sales though and her troop has sold over 4,000 boxes of cookies and we still have about a month to go and 3 cookie booth sales we still have to do.  Talk about a lot of cookies being sold.  This year we have the cookies on hand and I think that makes them way easier to sell.  This week we are going to keep the menu fairly easy and even a couple crockpot friendly kind of meals just because we have quite a bit going on.  So here is what is on our menu this week:

  • Crockpot Chicken Casserole, mashed potatoes, and vegetable
  • Tacos, chips & salsa
  • Club Sandwiches, baked french fries, and corn on the cob
  • Italian Beef & Greek salad
  • Steak, baked potatoes, and salad
  • Out to dinner
Have a great week ahead!  :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

What's On The Menu?

Here we are starting a new week.  Hard to believe we are already a full month (and then some) into the New Year already.  I am glad to see January go though and am hoping February is a much healthier month for Ava and I.  :)  A bit of a busy week ahead for us.  I have a few photo session this week.  One is with a sweet little girl who just turned 6 months old.  Can't wait to photograph her in all her cuteness later on this week.  We are in the midst of a bazillion boxes of Girl Scout cookies so we are trying to get those sold and out of my house!  lol.  My Sister-In-Law is having her baby shower this Saturday, so we will be attending that.  I am taking my niece to her game to cheer on Saturday before the baby shower.  So far it looks like a busy weekend is shaping up for us.  I have to finish up Ava's Valentine's bookmarks hopefully by the beginning of next week and I need to make her Valentine's holder since she asked if I would make her one.  I have a couple books checked out from the library I am hoping to finish this week, so a trip to the library will hopefully happen later in the week.  Fingers crossed.  :)  Going to keep this weeks menu fairly easy overall. 
  • Turkey Bacon Cheeseburgers, smashed potatoes, and salad
  • Baked BBQ Chicken, macaroni & cheese, and vegetable
  • Grilled Turkey and cheese sandwiches, carrots and cucumbers with Ranch dip and chips
  • Chicken Alfredo, breadsticks, and Greek salad
  •  Pizza & Salad
  • Out to eat for dinner...Mexican!  :)  Yum!
So that is what is on the menu this week.  I hope you have a great week!  :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Early Spring...

Well if you buy into the Groundhog theory of him not seeing his shadow, it looks like we finally have an early spring coming!  I most certainly hope so.  The funny thing is, so does Ava.  What kid doesn't like winter all that much.  She loves the snow, but is not a fan of the cold.  A girl after my own heart.  She told me a couple weeks ago while walking down to the bus stop if it wasn't going to snow, it just needed to be warm, because she was so over the cold weather.  :)  Fingers crossed we start to see some spring weather here again soon.  At least, I am hoping for that.

Friday, February 1, 2013

My Name Is Mandi...

and I am addicted to Scentsy! lol  I am not a seller of Scentsy. I am not even a party thrower of Scentsy.  But I do like to buy and use Scentsy! 

Right now on hand I have quite a bit.  Actually less than I usually do since I am out of a few of my  very favorite ones.  So I know I will be placing yet another order here very soon to restock those because they are ones I typically burn anytime of the year.  There are some scents that I only use during certain seasons.  I don't burn Christmas Cottage in the Spring or Summer time, just like I don't use White Sands or Rio Beach in the Fall and Winter.  Do you use Scentsy in your home?  I just put on Silver Bells today and my how I love this one.  :)