Friday, February 1, 2013

My Name Is Mandi...

and I am addicted to Scentsy! lol  I am not a seller of Scentsy. I am not even a party thrower of Scentsy.  But I do like to buy and use Scentsy! 

Right now on hand I have quite a bit.  Actually less than I usually do since I am out of a few of my  very favorite ones.  So I know I will be placing yet another order here very soon to restock those because they are ones I typically burn anytime of the year.  There are some scents that I only use during certain seasons.  I don't burn Christmas Cottage in the Spring or Summer time, just like I don't use White Sands or Rio Beach in the Fall and Winter.  Do you use Scentsy in your home?  I just put on Silver Bells today and my how I love this one.  :)


  1. Mandi, I've never heard of Scentsy, but it could be because it is off my radar. I am allergic to many strong scents, and just don't use them in our home. Vanilla, Cinnamon - usually okay, but never a flower scented anything. Please explain what Scentsy is.

    1. It is a candle warmer. I should take a photo of mine and post it. You put a little cube of scented wax in the warmer "lid" and it melts it. It's an alternative to using candles with the flame basically. They do have some really strong scents. There is one scent in particular I have found I cannot burn because it sets off a migraine. I do like a couple of the flowery scented ones, but overall I tend to stay away from most of those types.