Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten Thought Tuesday...

This weeks Ten Thoughts!  :)

1. This is the 3rd week in a row we've had snow.  I'm very ready for Spring!

2. Looking forward to Sunday (Saturday before bed) when we can set our clocks forward one hour.  I love Daylight Savings Time...Longer days here we come!  :)

3.  Picked up some super cute frames from Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago.  They are hung up and I finally got around to ordering the prints I want for them today.  Now for the prints to finally arrive so I can take a picture of the finished project.

4. Ava has been doing great with her reading.  She recently discovered the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series and she has been reading a ton, which makes for a very happy Mommy in me.  So proud of her.  

5. Spending this week getting rid of the last of the Girl Scout cookies we have on hand.  I am ready to have these boxes out of my living room.  lol  

6. I enjoyed doing homework with Ava tonight.  Especially the assignment where Ava had to describe and write about her dream house.  I definitely think I want to live with her when I get older.  Her house sounds beautiful. :)

7. My favorite Jelly Beans are the green and purple one.  Neither Ava or I like the black ones at all.  Bleh.

8. Still waiting on the newest addition to my family to soon be born.  My Sister-in-law has been having regular contractions about 10 minutes a part since Friday, but they are not getting stronger or closer together.  So ready to hold my newest niece in my arms and of course, photograph her!  :)

9. I need to update my iPhone with some new music. And make a new workout playlist.

10. I am ready to go to bed early tonight.  


  1. I will trade you my green and purple jelly beans for all of your red and black ones!! Deal?! Looking forward to those photos of your new niece!!

    1. lol Terri. Sounds like a deal on those jelly beans. :)