Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Softball Practice...Finally!

Finally this past Sunday, Ava and her teammates were able to get on the field for their first practice of the season.  Finally!!!!  The last 3 practices have been cancelled due to the crazy weather we've been having across the Midwest! So glad we are not diving head first into the season without any practices at all.

Last year the practices lasted only an hour.  This year the practice is 2 hours long.  That made me a bit leery since I wasn't sure the girls would be able to hold out for 2 whole hours, but they all did great.  No complaining or whining that they were tired and they only had like a 3 minute break to get a drink and then back out on the field they went.  And they had fun the whole time too. Which is equally important! lol   

Several of Ava's friends are on her team and perhaps that is what makes it the most fun of all for them.  We are moving the practices from Tuesday to Sunday instead, so our next practice (weather permitting) is Friday. So it is pretty much softball practice most of the weekend for us.  :)


  1. Ava looks like a pro out there! What is the name of her team? How does she like her coaches? Good luck to her and her team this season!

  2. Ava really looks like she has been playing for years!! What fun this will be for us to follow, through your blogs! Please brag about her any time! She is a special young lady!