Monday, April 22, 2013

What's On The Menu?

A brand new week and the last full week of April.  I can't believe we are almost done with April. Happy Earth Day today!  Any special plans or projects for today?  Since we are still dealing with pretty cold temperatures at night we won't be planting anything just yet, but we will discuss how we can take better care of the Earth, what we are doing to help the environment already, and go to the small walking park down the street to pick up any litter.  Afterwards we will have a picnic for dinner at the park.  Another busy week ahead for us. We finally were able to have a softball practice yesterday.  Ava was so excited.  Several of the girls on her team are also part of her Girl Scout troop and her friends.  So that makes for an even more exciting season.  She did really good for her first practice.  So we are excited to see what this season brings.  :) Ava has softball practice on Tuesday (hopefully?!?!). We have rain in the forecast again on Tuesday, so keeping our fingers crossed she actually does have practice.  We've had so much rain around here lately it's just crazy.  My nephew Austin's birthday is on Wednesday.  He is turning 12.  Thursday, Ava has Girl Scouts and Friday we are supposed to have softball practice. Saturday we do not have anything yet on the calendar.  Sunday we have softball practice for 2 hours if the weather cooperates.  Hopefully, I find some extra time this week to get back to my sisters house and continue on with the endless scraping of paint off her stone foundation.  Weather permitting of course.  Keeping this week's menu fairly simple this week since we have a full schedule.  
  • Club Sandwiches, fresh veggies and dip, fresh fruit
  • Loaded Nachos 
  • Dinner out on Wednesday 
  • Italian Chicken, baked potatoes, and salad
  • Roast, carrots, and potatoes
  • Brat burgers, macaroni and cheese, waffle fries, and vegetable
And that is what this menu is planned to look like this week.  :)  Have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. We have had a ton of rain too. The west side of the state has been declared an emergency zone because of the flooding. Yesterday it was so nice but today more rain is moving i n. Your menu sounds so good! Have a great week!

  2. We have had rain, here and there, but not what we really need. Your menu, as always, sounds yummy, and your week (also as always) sounds happily busy! Good luck to Ava and her softball practices!! It will be fun hearing about how she and her team progress this year!