Monday, May 13, 2013

What's On The Menu?

Summer vacation is almost here for Ava and I could not be more thrilled.  We have a week and a half left of school and we are both so very ready.  I'm ready to not have an alarm clock wake us up nearly as early as it has been for the past 9 months!  lol  I am ready for the freedom that summer brings of not having to be home during the week at a certain time, so Ava can be in bed at a decent time for school the next day.  I am ready for time at the pool (if this weather ever warms up enough and stays like that for more than a couple days at a time).  I am ready for trips to the park and picnics.  I am ready for softball games to start, since most of our practices keep getting rained out.  I'm ready for evenings of fun and no homework.  :)  I am ready for more relaxing days ahead for the next 3 months!  This week though we are pretty busy. We have softball practice a few times this week.  Ava has a birthday party for one of her best friends. I have a photo session to do.  I have work. We have a graduation party to go to as well.  On top of anything else that gets thrown in this week.  I need to meet Ava for lunch at her school, as well. So with all we have going on, we will be do some easy meals this week and I am even going to opt out of cooking on Friday and Saturday the graduation party we are going to is serving dinner.  So here's the weekly menu:
  • Cheeseburgers, waffle cut fries, & salad
  • Corn Dogs, chips, and fresh vegetables with Ranch dressing (Ava's request)
  • Italian Subs
  • White Chicken Enchiladas 
  • Dinner out
  • Graduation Party...yeah no cooking for me!  
So what are you looking forward to this summer?  I also love that the days are longer and there is just more fun things to do and enjoy!  Enjoy your week ahead!

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  1. I'm looking forward to nothing special this summer. Work, as usual. We don't have any little ones to enjoy anymore. :(

    Your menu sounds good, and hooray for eating out, and for parties!