Monday, May 20, 2013

What's On The Menu?

Oh my I am having a hard time getting with it this morning.  Just one of those tired kind of Monday's.  We had a super busy weekend and it is definitely catching up with me today!  Friday after work, Ava had softball practice, then we went out to dinner, and then to the mall to do some shopping and Ava also picked out a few gifts for her best friend's birthday on Saturday.  Saturday, we were up early, busy doing things around the house, I made Lilly (Ava's Best Friend) a card, then off to the birthday party.  After dropping Ava off for the party, ran more errands.  Then, it was time to pick her up from the party.  We had a graduation party to go to for my cousin's oldest daughter that was about an hour away.  What a fun party it was.  They even had a DJ so there was lots of dancing to be had.  Yesterday, we woke up pretty early once again and ended up going out to breakfast at Charlie Parker's. If you live or are traveling through Central Illinois, you should try this place!  It's about 45 minutes from where we live, but worth the drive over for breakfast or lunch even.  After breakfast, we did some shopping.  Ava ended up with quite a few new clothes and two new swimsuits for the season and several pairs of flip flops.  We were supposed to have softball practice yesterday, but it was cancelled and I have to say this tired Mom, was pretty happy about that.  When we got home yesterday, we did practice some outside minus hitting the ball, because I really didn't feel like testing our luck on not breaking a window or something.  :) 

Now for this Ava took cookies and juice to school to celebrate her "summer birthday".  She was so excited for that. This is our last week of school and it is only a 4 day week.  Woo Hoo!  :)  Tomorrow, Ava has park day at school, where they get to walk about 2 1/2 - 3 blocks to the park and play all day and even have a picnic lunch at the park.  I don't remember doing these kinds of fun things when I was in school.  lol  We are also supposed to have Ava's first official softball game of the season on Tuesday evening as well.  Weather permitting...and guess what?!?!  Rain is in our forecast for tomorrow.  And not just rain, thunderstorms actually.  Not a whole lot going on for Wednesday.  Thursday, the last day of school and Ava is out at 1:50.  I'll meet her for lunch on Thursday and then after school she has her friend Lilly coming home after school with us to hang out.  So I need to get busy planning something fun to do for the last day of school.  Last year we did ice cream sundaes on the last day, at the park after school with several of Ava's friends.  Ava has a game Thursday evening and she is supposed to have Girl Scouts, but since most of her team is Girl Scouts and her leader is one of the coaches, I don't think we will be having Girl Scouts.  Friday, a day of relaxing (I hope) and enjoying not having to wake up so early (I hope for that as well).  Ava and I need to sit down and plan out our Not So Bummer Summer activities and journal for this summer as well.  Maybe we will do that on Friday.  Nothing major planned over the weekend.  And Sunday we have a graduation to go to and possibly Ava's teams softball photos.  As for this week's menu, I think we will keep it fairly simple.  Here is this week's menu below:
  • Loaded cheesy fries and vegetable
  • Breakfast for dinner - Stuffed French Toast, Turkey Bacon, and fresh fruit
  • Three Cheese Chicken Alfredo Bake & Salad
  • Chicken Nuggets, tater tots, mac & cheese, and vegetable
  • Pizza Bread & Salad
So what's your week looking like?  Has the school year ended where you live?  Now that summer is here for us I am just planning a Monday - Friday menu.  Weekends we tend to grill out more or hang out with friends and have cookouts with them.  So for the summer I am just going to plan meals during the week. :)  Have a great week ahead!  :)

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