Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The last couple weeks have been over the top busy around here.  I've had little time to spend on personal things online and that obviously includes my blog.  I think there are days, sometimes even weeks, where I feel like I could use an extra few hours a day, but more than likely we would just stretch ourselves even thinner than we already do.  Ava has had games and practices.  I've had work.  I've had photo sessions too.  I've had kids and more kids sleeping over than I can already count.  We have just been on the go.  And realizing there is no end in sight for our busyness to slow down, I've decided to take a temporary leave of at least posting the weekly menu and will resume it again once school starts back up and we return more to a normal schedule.  I know last week I didn't get a post up of the Throwback Thursday, but I have a few scheduled in advance for the next few weeks.  

With how busy we've been I have to say we are enjoying our summer so far.  We have been making plans for a couple shorter trips for the summer.  Ava has so much going on with softball and once that is over, a couple weeks later she starts cheerleading practice which takes us up until school starts and we will busy with games, school, and all that comes with that.  We have made it to the pool a couple times.  The weather here in Illinois has still been pretty crazy.  It reached like 99 degrees today and tomorrow it is supposed to only be like 80 for the high.  Crazy weather.  We hope you are enjoying your summer so far.  I do love not having to fit school into our schedule right now.  So glad about that!  :)

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  1. Nice to hear from you, and thanks for taking a few minutes to post the update! Being busy with work, and with making memories for Ava are much more important - I understand completely! See you here when you can, and know that we will be missing you, but keeping you and Ava in our thoughts!! Have fun!